hi im alice

i do the draw
and yeah
i eat a lot too!!!


I know who you are

Crono of Chrono Trigger on 11/29/2015


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Sabin le Rose Report | 08/01/2015 11:21 pm
Sabin le Rose
Hi stranger.
Verathmia Report | 07/21/2015 4:22 pm
Haha yeah for sure!
There were a couple of my avatar, one in an awesome hat and one with bunny ears razz
How's everything going?
Verathmia Report | 07/21/2015 5:38 am
I was going through random files and found all the pretty art you drew.
Want to say thank you again heart heart
Hope all is well!
Kaide_Allure Report | 07/13/2015 3:49 am
awww oky
Well i know what i'm gonna save up for :3
and no worries i understand
Kaide_Allure Report | 07/13/2015 1:07 am
I am trying to find an art shop of yours but can't
am i correct to assume you don't have one?
If not may i pm you about getting art
Ritzy Report | 06/08/2015 3:02 am
your avatar expression is simply the best whee
nerogravity Report | 05/08/2015 7:29 am
I saw your conversation with that other artist and I have to say that they are a big disgrace to the artist name -.-"

As an artist it is only our integrity that keep us above the rest and keeping our word to those we make an agreement with is our only saving grace.
That roundabout way and disrespectful way of talking to another person showed how immature and ignorant that person was to what artist conduct should be and you dealt with that in a manner I would not have been able still be patient with. To wait 5 months for something like that and still be calm about it, I can only say you have the patience of a saint.

All in all lesson learnt and taken with a grain of salt am I right? I hope that person is learning from their mistakes though ignorance does not look twice.
wonderful job again with handling it. It was really impressive.
sonicomi Report | 05/07/2015 11:30 pm
of course! heart i'm sorry you had to even deal with that gonk
some people are just so selfish
Mama Gen Report | 05/07/2015 9:15 pm
Mama Gen
I'm glad at the least a lot of the bigger names in the community know her behavior now as well as her complete lack of social etiquette emotion_bigheart
sonicomi Report | 05/07/2015 8:58 pm
excuse me if this sounds creepy but my friend found you arguing with that girl, or I guess... telling her she's a scam artist so I read it all and all I can say is W O W ******** that girl
your art is pretty great I'm sure you don't need some random telling you but after that I felt someone should say you have nice art blaugh

again sorry if this is creepy/stalkerish
A l y F o o
A l y F o o
Aliice In Wonderland
blubber tubber
Kawaii Onyx

team RIP ): i miss u all

"I do not understand myself, to be honest, looking back. If I had remembered making the offer, I must have been on some sort of substance. That is not the art style I look for *at all*. In fact, I showed this art to many of my friends/family and they not only laughed, but told me that I should not do any art at all for this piece, because it is not worth it."

my fave quote by precious baby bunny