My name is Sharee.
I am 27 and I live in New Zealand.
I have bad health, i spend a few weeks to a months worth of time in the hospital each year and in the last 12 months I have almost lost my life twice
Due to my health, I do not work or study and have crippling depression. I however do my best to keep my head above water and stick around for my loved ones. Though as people who have had mental illness know, it's not easy and sometimes you fall.

ALL sad stuff aside, I am generally cheerful, kind, supportive and generous. I do my best to convey my feelings to the people I care for. I can be a bit anti social sometimes BUT when the chips are down, I will always have their back. Always.

I Love Gaia and the people here, feel free to talk to me if you see me around. ESPECIALLY if you want to talk about cats.

You can find examples of my avatars here

I have a slight obsession with Gaian felines, i have a quest thread devoted to said obsession.

Video Games I Play
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Pokemon (i am obsessed with Pokemon in general)
League of Legends
Kid Icarus Uprising
Pokemon Conquest and Mystery Dungeon
Black and White 2 (NOT POKEMON)


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Gender: Animal

Birthday: 07/24

Occupation: Professional ill person

I don't bite :3

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Morgue Report | 09/02/2015 1:57 am
Must be a real winner for his gf to kick him out then. Wonder if he smashed up her things too. I wouldn't blame her for booting his a** out. I think your mum feels sorry for him thinking he has nowhere to go but I never understood why mothers do this for undeserving children.

Matt has a cousin in his mid 20s who is totally undeserving & disrespectful to his grandparents who let him live in their home rent-free. His cousin's parents aren't concerned about where he had to go, so he moved downstairs into his grandparent's house. My in-laws also live in that house, but it is divided into two units. My mother in-law keeps her sewing workshop downstairs, people do their laundry down there, plus his grandparents go down there to let the dogs out into the backyard.. His cousin brings girls over & they are fully nude in his bed, which my in-laws have had the awkward accident of discovering. The guy smokes indoors, when nobody else in the house smokes at all. He spends his money on tattoos, video games, booze & stupid s**t, but he lives there rent-free. Like, if somebody is doing you a favor & giving you a free place to live, the least you could do is be respectful, keep it clean, pitch in & help around the house, attempt to save money to go out on your own, ect... But his grandmother says "She feels sorry for the poor kid because he has nowhere else to go." My in-laws are sick of his s**t but they can't say or do anything about it because Matt's grandparents own the house. They just rent the unit next door & have done so for around 20 years I'd say.
Morgue Report | 09/01/2015 4:02 pm
Your brother is an a*****e.
Morgue Report | 09/01/2015 7:46 am
Who's texting that crap to you? You should report the texts to the police. mad
chief im not alright Report | 08/29/2015 5:53 am
chief im not alright
danny fell asleep sweatdrop
Morgue Report | 08/28/2015 1:54 pm
Owwie, you poor dear! You're getting them out late, like I did. Be super gentle & careful during the healing. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time, just days after I turned 28. And I was feeling fine right after the surgery. But then I developed dry sockets on the bottom on both sides. THAT is painful. The only thing that the dentist can do when it happens is pack the socket with a natural, dissolving material that has been soaked in clove oil. (eugenol in cloves kills pain) But whatever you do, eat gently, rinse very, VERY gently, no swishing or anything. No drinking through straws, no smoking. And you should heal very quick. And and I have told ya a million times, essential clove oil is magic for dental pain. I'd even mail you some if you need it. I'm so sorry that you're going through hell with these dental issues this year. I love you & I hope you feel better, darling! emotion_hug
chief im not alright Report | 08/27/2015 3:35 am
chief im not alright
tonight's a full moon and i found a swing set at the beach. :3

hope your visit to the dentist goes well~
chief im not alright Report | 08/26/2015 11:58 pm
chief im not alright
just more of the usual
chief im not alright Report | 08/26/2015 11:45 pm
chief im not alright
yeah i googled after you mentioned it and found lotsa threads about it

organizing some music for tonight's outing
Morgue Report | 08/26/2015 9:33 am
My lovey 'Ree! How are you today? Can I ask you something? How do you humanely keep bad kitties out of your yard? I have an issue with two neighborhood cats who dig up my yard, leave cat hair all over my outdoor chairs, knock over trash cans & rip the trash bags bags, & sometimes they camp on my porch & drive Rissa nuts. There's an orange kitty & an all black kitty. The black kitty seems to be the bigger troublemaker. He's a little smartass, hissing at us when we go out on the front porch, he fights with other neighborhood cats, like the little grey cat who lives across the street. And he's the one doing the bulk of the digging & he's marking in the back yard where Rissa tends to pee. gonk

I suspect the reason they hang around is because one of the neighbors keeps his backyard very untidy & they hang around for shelter. That, or he owns or feeds them. I'm afraid of them spraying my porch & outdoor furniture next. I don't want to harm them, but how can I effectively keep them away? I figured you'd be the person to ask, as a cat lover. heart

chief im not alright Report | 08/25/2015 11:22 pm
chief im not alright
well i'm gonna wallow in my pee now, k?

not even home yet emotion_drool


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