Hey I'm Alysa. But all of my friends call me Alfie. I've had that nickname sense 7th grade. So please don't make fun of me for it. I live up to my nick name thank you very much. I friggin love my friends. Some of my sac friends I think can care less about me but whatever. My CC friends are amazing. there's Gary, Tiffy, Timmy. And tons tons more. But I don't have time to list all of them. Well I guess I should tell you a bit about myself then. I'm 16. I'm a jr. at Del Norte High. Basically music, friends and family are my life.

So right now i have 8 bestest friends...camie, gary, timmy, and tiffy, matt, lyn, craig, and lexi..i friggin love them all...they make me happy...they bring me up when i'm down and when that doesn't work they get down there with me and hurt the person ten times as much as they hurt me...they don't let anyone start crap with me..they're the greatest friends i've ever had...if i lost them i'd be lost forever. if it weren't for them i'd prolly be dead.

so yea this is me...

Me and Tiffy

Me and Timmy

imma prolly have new pics up soonish

but yea...so i guess that's all...but if you want to know more then send me a pm or IM me on aim or msn

msn= alfers_8

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Nice profile and welcome to my friendslist. ~gives you a cookie~ School is about to start again for me...what a drag...I won't be able to stay up unusually long hours at night anymore... ~mutters something about what it's like to get up in the morning~ Seriously...the government should die for making people get up at such an early hour. Some people have to get up at 6 AM, some at 7 AM, I'm fortunate enough to have to get up at 8:30 AM, but I still fall asleep at school. </3 So, yea...first comment from me. I would've had it be more pleasant, but I couldn't think of anything else pleasant to say.
Eimin Ookami

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Eimin Ookami

SPLEEE!!!!!!! User Image User Image User Image
Eimin Ookami

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Eimin Ookami

It loves the Alfie very much!!! xd

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hey alfie, heart your pics

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You know, alfie can change around her friendslist.

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...it's alfie.
Innocence Bunny Hinata

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Innocence Bunny Hinata

your pics are awesome!!! xd
Kairi Ukami

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Kairi Ukami

It seems we have alot in common. It's kinda cool
Innocence Bunny Hinata

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Innocence Bunny Hinata

hello heathers older sister!!!
tis the amanda from school!!
can i be your friend?


There is no real me
Only an entity
Something illusionary
And though i can hide my cold gaze
And you can shake my hand
And feel flesh griping yours
And maybe you can even sense
That our lifestyles are probably comperable
I simply..am not..there