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Name: AlexLyre
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Relationship: Taken


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Mr Nobody_77 Report | 11/06/2015 4:59 am
Mr Nobody_77
Thanks for purchasing!!! biggrin
Kawakas Report | 11/05/2015 7:50 am
thanks brah
shezeu Report | 11/03/2015 3:16 pm
Thank you for your purchases heart Hope you have a lovely day~
Raven of the Darkened Sky Report | 11/02/2015 8:35 pm
Raven of the Darkened Sky
Thank you for your purchase!! heart
SilverLyre Report | 09/22/2015 9:05 pm
Well that's life for you, I know how you feel
At least you're not in a position where they can consistently bully you right?
You really deserve that vacation then 3nodding
The uni I'm going to. luckily, doesn't have any huge projects to work on for the degree
On the other hand though, you don't meet a great many new people when you do do such projects
You did make new friends right? blaugh
SilverLyre Report | 09/15/2015 12:04 am
Congratulations on your engagement~
Live well and stay happy together 3nodding
How has work been sucky?
University life now can't complain I guess
Starting to see some of the lecturers' true colours after the first week
How did you live through uni man crying
SilverLyre Report | 09/13/2015 7:41 am
Hey guy
Havn't heard from you since you went for vacation which is pretty long ago rofl
How's life 3nodding
osq Report | 09/09/2015 11:43 am
User Image

the legs you're looking for are in that item. c:
Aeria Quies Report | 08/01/2015 10:05 am
Aeria Quies
Hey thanks!~
Yours is nice too
SilverLyre Report | 07/24/2015 12:50 am
Yeah Japan is pretty expensive but worth every single dollar
Wanted to be a mangaka
It's still not too big from where I am but there is already a huge community supporting local releases
But you know, business dad crying

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