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About Alexia Wesker

Name: Alexia Wesker

Age: 42

Gender: Female

Height: 5’6

Weapon of Choice: Whatever she can get her hands on. Plus shes basically a weapon herself. Not a B.O.W. though. She also can summons her three headed dog named Zeal.

Virus: Many kinds. Some most don’t even know about yet.

Faction: New Umbrella (not assoicated with Neo-Umbrella)

Personality: Like Wesker, but a little more merciful and more insane.

Biography: Hello. I’m Alexia Wesker. My dear, departed, brother Albert Wesker was told that he was the only surviving Wesker Child. He was lied to. I too survived. Albert and I were evenly matched. When we battled, it ended in both of us too tired to go on and was a draw. From there on, we were separated for fear of one of us trying to kill the other when they weren’t expecting it. Eventually, I grew tired of Umbrella’s imperfections and left to be on my own. I faked my death. I made it look like I died in an explosion from an experiment that went wrong. I now have my own cooperation were I continue to do my own research and do what my brother failed to do. Fix Umbrella’s mistakes. Failure, error, mistakes or anything I consider imperfect is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it. Imperfects are why Umbrella failed and a grave mistake is why my brother is dead. Has a result, I am now the only living Wesker Child.


Name: Zeal

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Height: No exact height was recorded, but he is about the same height as a horse.

Weapon Of Choice: He is a weapon.

Virus: Unnamed Virus

Faction: New Umbrella(Not associated with Neo-Umbrella)

Personality: Like a dog, but more intelligent and not as playful or friendly, obedient, but only for Alexia

Biography: Zeal is one of Alexia’s first and more successful experiments. Alexia injected him with an unnamed virus she had found information on in one of Wekser’s journals. Zeal was half dead when Alexia found him and the unnamed virus revived Zeal, but with a side effect. Due to the unnamed virus’s regeneration properties working to well, Zeal grew two, extra, fully functional, heads. Zeal also gained super strength, regeneration abilities, super speed and can breath fire.

***Journal entry on Zeal that goes into more detail***

You've reached the voicmail of Alexia Wesker. I'm unable to take you're call at the moment for I'm a very busy lady. What I'm busy with is none of your concern. Please leave a message after the beep and it had better be important. I don't like my time to be wasted and it doesn't make Zeal happy either. *Zeal growels in the background*


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Mission 2

Grave Digger

More coming soon.


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