Things I like:
Roleplaying, yaoi, yuri, Transformers, Gaia fishing, Gaia slots, Gaia puzzles, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, DnD, fanfiction, fantasy novels, anime, Silent Hill (more to come)

Things I don't like:
Mean people, homophobes, beggers, bad RPers, n00bs, chat speak, know-it-all jerks, critics (more to come)

Favorite Story/Author of the Week:
"A Feast for Crows" by George R.R. Martin

Favorite Music of the Week:
"Alejandro" by Lady Gaga

Favorite Shows of the Week:
Game of Thrones, The World God Only Knows, Gossick

Currently Playing:
Radiant Historia, Pokemon: Black

Writing Contest History for 2006:
*Honorable Mention in "Dragon Story Contest" by lynx wings
*2nd Place in "Gwee Tales" by Akira Hoshino
*1rst Place in "The Looking Glass Writing Contest" by The_Phantom_Penguin

Writing Contest History for 2007:
*Honorable Mention 3 in "Drabble Battle Cycle 1" by Ivydoll
*3rd Place in "GCW: Vampiric Writing Contest" by Sylvesterine, Zenai_Metos, Mahayr in Waiting
*2nd Place in "Princess Short Story Contest" by RoninGryphon
*1rst Place in "Promise Me - A Short Romance Story contest" by RoseRosa
*1rst Place in "Broken Apart" by evilperson201

Writing Contest History for 2008:
*2nd Place in "Third Wheel, A Short Story Contest" by Navenna, RoninGryphon
*1rst Place in "Beautiful Nightmare" by Eternity Eclipse

Writing Contest History for 2009:
*1rst Place in "Once Upon A Time, there was a contest" by Fireweed_honey
*1rst Place in "The Wolves Writing Contest" by Daceria
-Winner of Best Element of Wolf
-Winner of the Weekly White List Questions
*1rst Place in "Picture Contest" by ariana malory

Writing Contest History for 2010:
*3rd Place in "Your Seductive Nightmare 4.0" by Yeshaya, Eternity Eclipse
*1rst Place in "Ultimate Writing Contest" by Dreamy_Lily_Flower

Writing Contest History for 2011:
*2nd Place in "The Dragon or the Demon Contest" by Ensia

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The Last Thoughts of a Dying Rose

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Thank you for buying.
Ana Thema

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Ana Thema

Oh, come on, you know you like it. wink heart
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C 1 V 1 C

Nice avi

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lol that's one of the few times I've been younger than someone. smile Hooray old people!
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Ana Thema

Hi, cutie! >w<