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Ryoka Saphron Report | 10/19/2016 9:33 pm
Ryoka Saphron
I've been on aim for an hour and a half evil
Sonic Serenity Report | 03/17/2016 9:46 pm
Sonic Serenity
I have been and can't Xox
Sonic Serenity Report | 03/09/2016 10:06 pm
Sonic Serenity
idk xD i hav the same settings on him as i do the sonic background to make it follow u. i even added "repeat" (which repeats the pic) to c if it would still get cut off the same way and it does... X0x
Sonic Serenity Report | 03/09/2016 9:46 pm
Sonic Serenity
thats not rly the problem, u should b able to scroll down and still c him but he just gets cut off >~< i tryed looking it up but ppl were just talking about the normal background which is sent to move with u when u scroll but my blue haired danny wont only when u scroll down
Sonic Serenity Report | 03/09/2016 9:39 pm
Sonic Serenity
its my background >~<
i hav a pic of a guy with blue hair in front of my main sonic background. scrolling left and right its all good but when u start to scroll down he slowly gets cut off from the bottom and i just want him to stay in the left bottom corner ;3;
Sonic Serenity Report | 03/09/2016 9:19 pm
Sonic Serenity
can u help me with my profile? ^36
atomic_ange Report | 08/25/2015 6:44 am
Thanks for the purchase!
Greatly appreciate it!
sidplusnancy Report | 07/11/2015 2:46 pm
thank you for your purchase
Ryoka Saphron Report | 07/04/2015 10:02 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Night 1:

Night 2:
She-Hulk_Lyra Report | 06/28/2015 7:46 am
Thank you kindly for your purchase heart

About me and my allies

My name is Jordan. As an adept, I've grown stronger, alongside my loving girlfriend and ally, Laura. If you try anything, to hurt her, I'll end you faster than you can think "Maybe I should leave now."

Primary Skills:

Ninjutsu- Some martial arts skill, but an affinity for healing and fire ninjutsu.

Magic: Primarily supplemental enchantments, but healing and teleporting.

Cards: Able to seal items, creatures, spells, and other cards within them for use.

Aura: The ability to use aura to strike foes or repel attacks. Fire based, and provides heat resistance bordering immunity.

Secondary Skills:

Electrical conduction- Lessens damage sustained from electrical skills, and enables the redirection of it when able.

Second Sight- A bloodline skill awakened on Xenix. Fire based, and allows the user to see and sense aura, even when not active. Activating greatly improves the senses, and each level improves combat abilities, as well as fire skill. Each level has an energy cost, and deactivating refunds some energy.

Werewolf Trans- The ability to transform into a werewolf completely, or partially (limbs, eyes, etc.) Uses energy and focus.

Valor Seal- One of three seals that can exist one at a time. The Valor Seal grows stronger with use, and grants the user holy skills, as well as temporarily boosted speed and strength. Has its own energy source, and takes a few hours to fully recharge.

You'll need to face me in order to learn the rest, but even this bio doesn't explain the full extent of everything.
Ryoka Saphron
Fujiwa Enoki

Hubby! >w< <3

Milady. ^_^

Art of my wonderful girlfriend and I. <3