I am officially done with my main math classes for Biology.
Onward to SCIENCE!!!


Alec's Randomness

All I can say is this: Don't expect anything great out of what you are about to read.


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Oh no!! It's warning us.

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It's funny how things turn out sometimes. Either way, I hope you enjoy your purchase!

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Hehe thanks for buying my Blessing! If you ever see anything in my store that you want, just let me know and I can discount it for you.

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Heya there!! I wanted to personally send you a huge THANK YOU for your support of DefauIt during the nudity event!! I've added your name to my list of donators on my thread "Eclectic Princess"

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smile Thanks for the purchase. Have a good one.

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Happy Birthday!

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Alec-chan, I give you credit for studying in college and you working your tushie hard! If you want, you can double major when you decide to do another one and open more career chances. You can become a biologist or a scientist who can destroy! XDD Just kidding on destroying the world part. Whatever career path that you choose, you will be happy with what you do. Remember, a sucky job will make your life miserable or a happy job will make working feels like playtime!

You are welcome, Alec-chan! I haven't heard from you awhile and we started long discussion which can become an essay! XDDD Just focus on what you need to do on the present in order to create your future, Alec-chan because whatever do now, your choices will affect and become your future.

Here are links to a few songs to listen when you have free time if you interest:
1) Keyshia Cole - "Fallin' on"
2) Colbie Caillat - "Try"
3) Ailee - "Don't touch me"
4) Fall Out Boy - "Centuries"
5) Taylor Swift - "Shake it off"

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Ugggh, I feel your pain, Alec-chan about college!
So much to do and time consuming but the results pays off when you get your dream job!

Good luck and remember to take a break once in awhile from studying!
Slaaneshi Horror

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Slaaneshi Horror

Are you alright?
You've been gone a while.
You disappeared around the time of the Oklahoma tornadoes.
I've been worried.
Slaaneshi Horror

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Slaaneshi Horror

I resent the trade.
I sent you a PM about it but you didn't open it.
I dunno if you're even still around.
But I hope you have time to finish it soon.


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Looking for Blue and Red Octopuses.

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