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8 Y Report | 03/31/2015 2:08 pm
8 Y
hi can we cut a deal for the pristine wings?
Pm me if youre interested oki? thanks for considering
witchofthemoonlitpath Report | 04/11/2014 9:27 pm
A friend is over for the night and we had to go get her stuff from her car....annnnnd I got distracted XD
Jade Rikku Curtiss Report | 03/25/2014 6:38 am
Jade Rikku Curtiss
Thanks for buying.
UndeadInsight Report | 03/17/2014 8:15 pm
Thank you for your purchase. mrgreen
Miss.Psyche Report | 03/17/2014 2:54 pm
Thank you for your purchase!
hannah_is_here Report | 03/17/2014 2:27 pm
Thanks for buying.
Schlams Report | 03/11/2014 9:35 am
Thank you for your business!
kittykaycee Report | 03/03/2014 4:19 pm
Thank you! smile
kittykaycee Report | 03/03/2014 4:12 pm
Thanks for buying! heart
Luna de Nuit Report | 02/28/2014 7:01 pm
Luna de Nuit
Hey there~ You don't have enough gift backs in the trade. Just letting you know.