Remember always, as I told you at first, that this is all a fairy tale, and only fun and pretense; and, therefore, you are not to believe a word of it, even if it is true. (Plus, I'm full of s**t.)

Aquarius; you are innovative and unique. You are usually attracted to people who share your core beliefs, as long as you believe them to be intelligent, open-minded, compassionate and well-intentioned.

Love; is nothing but a series of chemical and electrical impulses running through the brain. You know, that crush on that girl with big tits or the boy with the nice a**? It's not real, but smile anyway yeah?

My new prosthetic head has an automated smile feature.. So I don't have to mean it.

I am half russian, half irish (a good mixture for strong drinking), am an aryan-anglo-saxon from both sides and a fierce patriot. My religion is non-specific however I do believe in God (I'm undecided. My mother is jewish and my father is a protestant.)

Im am a lover, a hater, a fighter and a pacifist. I am beautiful, ugly, vain, self concious, manipulative, submissive, unpredictable and lame.

Music pumps my blood through my veins.


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Alarum's Asylum

An insight into my thoughts. Sometimes it's just me rambling crap, though.


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I am Zellody

Report | 12/17/2009 9:26 am

I am Zellody

Hi and welcome back to Gaia, I'm gonna be 23 next week, I'm barely getting into crochet, I'm not really good at it though :]

Report | 12/01/2009 1:30 am


Tora! Tora!

Report | 11/17/2009 10:10 am

Tora! Tora!

YAYYYY fashion n________n!!
do you guys get project runway over there? O:
i loooove that show. x)

sorry you had to move back in >; i haven't moved out yet due to college not being done and lack of career. but soon hpefully )x
and yes:D double majoring~
all i have left for both degrees is a single math class. bah, i h8h8h8h8 math.

O: what kind of eyeshadow? creme eyeshadow or pressed/loose powder?
i missed you tooooooo n________n
everyone's mostly gone from gaia now though. xD,
Tora! Tora!

Report | 11/17/2009 9:57 am

Tora! Tora!

omggggg other erinnnnn!!! heart heart
xDDD yaaay heart how've you beeeen n________________n!!
Tora! Tora!

Report | 04/21/2008 2:43 pm

Tora! Tora!

O: iluerin.

Report | 06/11/2007 10:37 pm


Gah~! So much pinkness~!

*likes a little pink*

User Image

Report | 05/28/2007 12:32 pm


Why is the rum always gone?? sad wink <3

Report | 01/05/2007 11:54 am


Rummy~! <3

Report | 02/13/2006 1:39 am


hello randomly =]

Report | 01/09/2006 11:07 pm


rum rum is better than happy milk


I smilies/icon_heart.gif Old School PYP. :>