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Necro Regulus Report | 05/02/2015 12:00 am
Necro Regulus
Ouch jeezy sounds like you're not having a good time from all the pain. My monthly death sentences are irregular, it's normal for my family for some reason. It's nice to have a break but once it comes around again I just want to crawl somewhere dark with many pillows. And chocolate. And cupcakes. And ice cream.

I'm in a great mood as of late. My mother is finally getting out of the dump crappy area she's been stuck in for the last few years. She'll be arriving here on Monday evening and will be staying for several months til she finds her a place. Makes me really happy, she misses the country and mountains. Also even better I get to see my sweet beautiful cats again. I missed them so much, especially my giant black fatty fat cat. Cuddling with him is the best <3
Necro Regulus Report | 05/01/2015 3:41 am
Necro Regulus
Thank you :3 Lavender is sometimes so hard to put together on here..took me like three hours to decide how I wanted it to look. Really sucks not having tektek around to help. I changed the hair for the billionth time, think I finally got it how I want it D: How's things going on?
LanXiaoYu Report | 04/16/2015 7:03 am
gaia_star thank you. I'm really happy with it as well. gaia_kittenstar
Necro Regulus Report | 04/13/2015 1:57 pm
Necro Regulus
Yup definitely don't know that one. I feel so old when it comes to anime, I can only remember ones from like the 80s or 90s, stuff I grew up watching =P Only one off the top of my head that I really wanna watch is Parasyte and that's only because I read a few bits and pieces of the manga years ago. Kinda weird suddenly they made an anime for it but eh, it should be good.
Necro Regulus Report | 04/12/2015 9:14 pm
Necro Regulus
Oh man I'm sorry about the sickness. I did end up jinxing myself and got a bad head cold starting that morning we were outside. My mom said it had to be the pollen in the air but it was the first time I ever had a reaction to that. Only time I felt better was when I was sitting outside. Felt so good to breathe normally. I'm finally over it but my throat was so sore even now it being normal my voice is hoarse at times, like it changed completely. I don't like it </3 Which anime were you watching? I'm finding it harder and harder to like anime now...just cannot find a new one to enjoy.
Lucent Fallen Shadow Report | 04/11/2015 10:13 am
Lucent Fallen Shadow
Thanks dude!
Necro Regulus Report | 04/07/2015 4:59 pm
Necro Regulus
My easter went good, had some family over on Saturday since everyone else would be busy on Sunday. Mostly just hung around outside and ate pizza and they put up a shooting range. First time around actual guns which was nifty. Then the kids knocked over a pvc pipe that sticks out of the ground up at the house and they almost had no water for awhile. Pretty crazy =P How was yours?
Eyes Report | 04/06/2015 11:01 am
Happy belated Easter! emotion_hug
Necro Regulus Report | 04/03/2015 11:23 pm
Necro Regulus
Of course, I don't mind to add you. I'm still in the process of trying to get some of my old programs on this computer. So much crap I just never bothered to remember is biting me in the a** D:
Ranas94 Report | 03/30/2015 4:51 am
Thanks a lot!!~

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