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I'm AkumaTenshiTsubasa, but just call me Akuma.

I'm 21, turning 22 this year. I live in the Eastern Coast of the US and in college. I work at night but try and get on as much as I can. I love to RP, so if you want to send a PM asking about RPing, go right ahead. I don't mind one bit. Also, just for those curious, I am single.

I adore anime. I like to read, write, play video games and roleplaying. I am a HUGE yaoi fangirl, so if you have a problem with that then leave now.

Vampire Duzell Kitty is one of my best friends, and if you can't get along with her, then we might have a problem.

I might be disappearing for a while. Some s**t happened, and I just can't find it in myself to RP much at the moment... I'm sorry to those that I am RPing with. I will do my best to get replies out, but I can not promise anything at the moment...


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Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 05/08/2012 6:08 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
*catches and hugs*I thought you might find something like that cute or entertaining
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 05/04/2012 11:14 am
Naosuke Tatsuya
User Image You now have a dancing person in your profile ^_^
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 04/13/2012 7:52 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
LOL,that is alright. At least the prof knows what is going on so that is always a good thing,he might be nice enough to give you another go at it so you can improve it better. Things will be alright Akuma*HUGS* User Image
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 04/13/2012 7:46 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
Oh okay.......sorry to hear about it either way*HUGS*
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 04/13/2012 7:46 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
Reposting the same thing?
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 04/13/2012 7:17 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
O_O what kind of infection?
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 04/13/2012 2:48 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 03/29/2012 7:39 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
*hugs and pets head*It's okay Akuma,take your time. College does take up a lot of time so don't feel too bad that you aren't on a lot. Focus on getting your degree or associates so you can live how you want to.
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 03/04/2012 7:23 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
Naosuke Tatsuya Report | 03/04/2012 7:08 pm
Naosuke Tatsuya
What?I already teased her with some spiders.

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