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XxCupcakeKitten86xX Report | 04/13/2014 7:47 pm
Hello, Kyo! -hugs you in a death grip, being usual annoying self- :3
Akuma no Ryo Report | 04/09/2014 11:28 am
Eh? No rush. Not like I've got much else to do.
Akuma no Ryo Report | 04/09/2014 10:10 am
Thanks. Finally was able to make a decent outfit for him. My phone won't let me change his eye right now though. Fine, yeah....but that doesn't cater to my ego any. Aha. Nah, I just know I'm a lot better.
Akuma no Ryo Report | 04/09/2014 4:54 am
That reply was terrible. Haha! I was so tired, I read over and just....shook my head. This phne, and my brain did not cooperate on this day. Lol. I gotcha next time. It'll be much better.~
MonMonGarita Report | 04/06/2014 7:06 pm
All the noise he made, was it truly necessary? Aerisa managed to summon enough willpower to crawl across the bed, soon forgetting the little addition to its surface which was now all over one of her palms. After grumbling a few colorful phrases about her unwelcome house guest, she made her way over to the window and slammed it shut with minimal force. Taking the time now to set up the curtains, not caring whether they came out crooked or not. Once completed, the near exhausted young woman made haste back toward the mattress almost hesitant to lay back down with that irritating little bat fairy running rampant. Then it hit her-- sending him downstairs by his lonesome was never a good thing. A shaky doll-like hand rose to cradle her head, a headache was the only housewarming gift he had bothered to bring it seemed. Leaving his mess to clean up later on was the best choice, or so she thought as her back hit the plush mattress far from the imperfection seeping deeper and deeper into the material as it set.

The sounds of footsteps relieved the girl of any worries she harbored when things got a bit too quiet. Wishful thinking had her believing he chose to leave back to his own domicile, were quickly dashed as golden orbs locked onto a crimson pair from across the room. Lazily, she looked to the nightstand next to the bed then frowned once realizing he was smoking. In her house. Ugh. With a swift flick of her wrist, the window again opened and allowed the cool early morning air to take away as much of the stench of tobacco as possible. Now sitting up, back resting uncomfortably against the headboard, Aerisa glowered at the Incubus in a fit of sleep deprived rage.

"CHE. Work it in then, it will do wonders for you.
So what you are most assuredly trying to say is: I got the better end of the bargain by being friends with you?
Splendid. Remind me to throw a party for this momentous occasion later on."

A tiny brow arched in wonder at his sudden change of subject, though she would assuredly understand his dilemma if his brother was indeed as troublesome as her own-- if not more. Opting now to address the new subject with a well aimed pillow in his direction. That little bat fairy was going to get his wings clipped soon...too bad they weren't visible at the moment. Her patience was wearing dangerously thin at this pace, especially after catching a whiff of the toxic smoke he'd exhaled without a damn care in the world. Wasn't even his damn house. And was he giving her attitude? There goes another demand.

"So I see, thanks for stating the obvious.
...with as much blood you had on you, how is it not possible you haven't eaten yet?
Besides, I couldn't make something even if I wanted.
My fridge is empty at the moment. And I am not going out at this ungodly hour to get a bite to eat, so get that out from your mi--..."

Hold on a second. She had overlooked that 'Welcome' basket given to her earlier in the day. Despite her irritable state, the thought of him consuming tiny, sliced cheeses with club crackers and topped off with chocolates earned a raucous of laughter at his expense. Slender fingers wiped away tears forming in her eyes from her fit of giggling.
MonMonGarita Report | 04/06/2014 5:10 pm
Her anger was quelled long enough for a quick cat nap until being blinded by the light illuminating the once peaceful darkness she relished in. A sharp growl rumbled in her throat at his demands. For one, she was not his servant nor would she ever be. The audacity! Clearly this girl possessed the patience of a thousand angels, given her uncanny ability to put up with his bratty demeanor. Through gritted teeth Aerisa managed to respond without moving from her spot on the carpeted floor.

"...not your damn hand maid, Kyo! Why don't you go downstairs and find something?
There is a storage container of my brother's clothes can't miss it."

She flinched when he indeed confirmed her suspicions. So why did she bother to ask? Silly her, this was Kyo she was dealing with. After releasing the ruined bed sheet, she lazily jabbed a tiny thumb over her shoulder towards the bedroom door while speaking to him. Perhaps he wouldn't try to argue back for once, get downstairs and into something more appropriate. A harsh sigh escaped her lips while climbing back onto the mattress, where the girl bellyflopped on the cleaner side. At this rate, she would get a few more minutes of sleep before he would be bugging her to come find the bin. And that usually meant him physically dragging her downstairs. The mentioning of his brother only weighed her heart down more with extra burden added.

"I know that. I was just hoping you finally accepted some sort of responsibility in your life, Kyo. Then again being an Incubus is what you do best....
EH? So what if you stay out? Please don't tell me...please tell me this Ryo is a responsible brother type and not a complete whack job.
That's the last thing I need."

Aerisa flailed about on the mattress before sitting up to face the young blonde; exasperated golden eyes boring holes into the darkness at him. Wrapping her oversized sweater around her tiny frame, the cream haired girl frowned at her friend. For the life of her she couldn't remember Ryo...that or their interaction was so terrible it was blatantly blocked out.
MonMonGarita Report | 04/06/2014 3:20 pm
Smothering herself with a pillow came to mind when realizing it was indeed Kyo and doing so would most definitely rid her of his troublesome presence. However, she was sure her darling buddy would find a way to annoy her even then. So why bother. Anyway, she was physically and mentally worn out to even express genuine disdain for him. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of a proper fight. Not tonight, at least.

"...friend is a strong word. Besides you found me so stop belly aching, it's unbecoming. Or is that how you wrangle in those classy ladies of yours?
Sure I like air, as much as I do unwelcome pests . A great observation, Kee-Kee. I plan on staying here permanently so do tr--..."

She half-laughed at the thought of him proceeding to beat her senseless with the plush pillows underneath her head. Instead he chose to remove himself, which was always a welcome thing in her opinion, but not when she was in the middle of responding. The jerk. A slender brow twitched in annoyance before opening her mouth to shout after his retreating form. That however, was brought to a halt when the light from the bathroom seemingly irritated his eyes. This time around, her laughter was not held back at his misery until the mentioning of 'blood stains' and 'bed sheets' drifted into hearing range. Without a second thought the girl's hand reached out where he had previously been laying. Dampness is what she felt before her golden eyes glared daggers in the direction of the now closed bathroom door. Was that the water running? Aerisa hung her head in exasperation of this tiny revelation. She couldn't hold it against him as he was an Incubus after all. It was the beige haired woman's turn to mutter curses under her breath as she proceeded to rip the sheets from the mattress. The mattress! Golden eyes widened in shock before slumping to the ground, smothering her face into the side she had previously occupied; all the while clutching the bed sheet in much restrained fury. Deja Vu.

"You're buying me a new bed!"

Thank goodness Soirel was too preoccupied to head home, or else she would be in real trouble as she had not mentioned befriending Kyo to him. At this rate, she wouldn't be surprised if he showed up out of the blue as well. As far as she was concerned this house was practically open to the public, even though she very loudly stated otherwise.
What else did he have in store for her? No, no! She wouldn't dare think about it. It never lead to anything good.
MonMonGarita Report | 04/06/2014 1:06 pm
At the time, the move seemed like a good idea. Change of scenery, fresh new faces and starting off with a clean slate. This particular quaint little neighborhood seemed the perfect choice; not too populated and not so desolate. Somehow she felt at ease in this setting, even amongst the sea of chattering that made up the supposed welcoming committee. Immediately a voice in the back of her mind coaxed her to slam the door in their faces, but that would make a horrible first impression. An inaudible sigh escaped her lips once the majority of her belongings were moved into the two story residence. If she had more energy, she would have most certainly danced in joy for having outbid the competition. Heh. Soon, night set in which found the cream haired young woman laying in bed, the only piece of furniture she bothered to set up properly. Meh, maybe she would take up the committee on their offer to help. Then again...ugh. Sleep soon set in; give or take a few hours, the faint sound of commotion summoned a portion of her conscious away from its slumbering state. At first, she tried convincing herself it was just raccoons, the tree branches scraping the window. But, trees didn't wear shoes. For once, she would have been comfortable with the idea of it being an intruder. Her entire body was tossed up at the sudden weight of an extra body having slung itself next to her. It was then she pieced together who this stranger was. Branches breaking, grumbling, window left wide open letting in all that chilly air, shoes being strewn about. Such blatant disregard could only mean one of two people...and the one she hoped it wasn't was lying next to her. There was no need to open her eyes for she knew full well it would just serve to irritate her more, especially since she knew he had that damned smug grin on his lips.

"Dammit Kyo, you did something didn't you? And wipe that forsaken grin off of your face!
You could have at least closed the window for cripes sake! You weren't followed here were you?
Last thing I need is the damn authorities kicking my door in...again."

She snarled quietly before a tiny hand reached out, clasping what it could of his face in its grasp. Most likely he would be upset she touched him so roughly, but hey he had been the sole reason she was forced to move at all. With his damn unexpected nightly visits, her neighbors (in all their busybody nature), panicked and formed a night watch in order to apprehend the 'Night Prowler'. Not again, not again! Not after she moved to this nice little abode. He better have a damn good reason to have dropped in like this. Didn't he have a house of his own? Ugh. Between him and Soirel, she was most likely going to end up living in a hole in the ground.
Maybe then she would get a little peace.
Orange Affair Report | 01/25/2014 6:54 pm
Akuma no Ryo Report | 01/25/2014 1:22 pm
They be so cute.
I can't handle it.

Miss you too.~
Sorry I didn't tell you about my Facebook. I just got tired of listening to everyone b***h and moan about s**t and try to tell me whats good for ME.
So I just temporarily deactivated it. Haha. I don't need the drama or stress anymore.

And you're welcome! I did it last night before bed - after posting that other commission on FA.
B R O.
You don't even know what I went through. My dumbass closed out of sai before saving and lost all of my progress on the photo I did for a friend.
I cried.
Like a little b***h boy.

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