things I would like but doubt I'll ever get...

What I hope to be doing in the future

I hope to be working with dogs, whether as a trainer or as a kennel owner I want that to be my primary job. I really like dogs and enjoy their company. I also like the idea that when working with animals no two days will be the same.

What am I wearing at the moment?


Just a few points about myself

1. I Am a straight Female.
2. I am christen, and proud of it.
3. I enjoy role playing.
4. I REALLY love wolves, dogs, and any creature like that.
5. I would never knowingly post a commit/pm to offend you, so if I do tell me, I was probably tired and was typing whatever, busy and trying to type a quick reply, or I was meaning it as a joke/scarcausim, But please don't tell me that I offended you unless I REALLY did offend you.

Hello there

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Registered: 11/15/2012

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/28

A little, ok a lot, about myself...

Hay, I'm Aklina, or at least that's my user name, so that's the name you'll know. About me.... I like wolves/dogs a lot, I could talk about them all day. I also enjoy taking pictures, usually of nature, or animals. Ummmm On my profile page I have my 2 dogs (posted below), and all my cats. I guess it's safe to say that I'd rather be around the animals then other people, and I can also say that I really like animals of all kinds...


Umm I enjoy role playing, i do not expect good grammar/spelling, just as long as it's readable, because I can't necessarily give that all the time my self, I usually send out about 2-4 paragraphs, depending how much time I have and what I have to go off of. But I'm open to almost any style, and willing to try a different style out. I also usually do fantasy/ action role playing, but again I'm open to almost anything, so if you're interested pm me with what type you want to do and I'll respond with whether I'll do it or not. I also have a search thread on forums, I hope to get a link in here soon...

I also love reading, I read a lot every day, whether it's a manga, book from the library, history/school book, I'll read almost anything/everything, but please do not recommend anything you would not let a kid read (EX. sexual, all about drugs ect.) Because I will not read, them. along with reading, I love writing, I mostly do poems, as I find them easier to finish since their shorter, and once in a while I'll post a poem that I wrote in my Journal, so feel free to check them out and tell me what you think. Along with what ever I feel like, but the poems I will always mark as so.

ummm anything else about me??? Not that I can think of, so anything else you want to know about me? Just pm me, some things I may tell, others I won't sooo yeaaaa


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Aklina Report | 12/19/2014 11:18 am
Hay guys, if I don't get on for a while it's because I was grounded... My Spanish grade has slipped to a D, so yeaaaa... If I don't get on for a while I'm sorry, and until next time...


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