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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/28

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About Aklina:

Name: Aklina (Doesn’t have a known last name)

Gender: Female

Race: Okamimimi (“Okami+mimi=Okamimimi="Wolf Ears" = "Wolf "Demon"”) (Or a Okami(Wolf) (Thank-you Void For finding all of that!)

Birthday: 2/29/04

(Human) Around 4’5, and 55 lbs. Short, messy black hair, black wolf ears, and tail, sharp puppy teeth, with wolf like canines growing in. Bright blue eyes, fair skin.

(Wolf) about typical size/weight for the runt of the litter, Messy black wolf fur, bright blue eyes.

A little about Aklina: She doesn’t really remember much of her childhood, just that she was always alone, and took care of herself. Despite the fact, that many mean people have tried to capture her with ill intent Aklina remains friendly toward most anyone, until they do her wrong that is. With her childish nature, Aklina LOVES snuggling up with a friend or in a warm, soft place. Aklina also has a ton of energy. She loves playing, as well as eating, and has a tendency to get jealous if someone has something she wants, or thinks their getting more than her.


The guild I'm in, Feel free to check it out if you like, love or enjoy cats or talking about cats to other cat lovers! cat_smilies/icon_nodding.gif


Friends I will never abandon.

I apologize for my profile messing up... there seems to be a glitch as it's hiding the "friend me" option, as well as not allowing anyone to comment to me, so please PM me if you want to do either...