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Maxymous Prime

Report | 09/29/2013 12:56 am

Maxymous Prime

Yeah I think they would have just assumed it has morphine in it so they'll get their fix razz

The system we're getting if retarded because of it's lack of flexibility, poor construction, etc. The company that built it did it in a piecemeal fashion and didn't consider the big picture every time it was modified. I could have built the system myself using SharePoint in a shorter amount of time than it has taken to implement this one.

Were you expecting it to be all clashing chemicals together and seeing massive explosions? lol
I think that is one of many reasons. I think I've become less and less of a people person over the years just through dealing with people. Everyone is so different and you have to accommodate them differently. It's too much effort.

Yeah but some of the jokes that one bloke was making was hilarious.

YMMV is a new one for me lol
Do you read back over your other comments before replying? You said you had to go through all the effort of a password retrieve razz
Maxymous Prime

Report | 08/07/2013 7:22 am

Maxymous Prime

oh thank goodness.
Funny you mention that. My friend works at a vet practice and some people broke into it and stole apomorphine. I think they ended up throwing up everywhere and got busted lol

Yeah I only need to sign the contract by December. As far as I can tell, one of the building companies can pretty much start tomorrow if I wanted them to razz
haha this system we're getting is so retarded I don't think we could outsource support for it rofl
well I guess if they genuinely enjoyed their time there then perhaps they should pursue that path. Perhaps you were too nice lol

Were you planning to get into the drug manufacturing side of things? e.g. inventing new drugs rather than selling them?
It's amazing how much we turn into a non-people person after we leave high school. I've certainly noticed it.
well if you think that is going to make your work life better then I say go for it. If it doesn't interfere any other career progression then what have you got to lose?

haha that sounds like mid to late season 2 to me. You've gotta watch it from the start!
If I go to a movie and find out I don't particularly like it, I still try to enjoy it because I know I spent money to go watch it lol I saw "This is the End" the other week. That had some funny stuff in it!

Wolverine hey? I haven't really seen the X-Men series so I dunno if it's worth just seeing that movie?

I also heard some poor reviews from workmates about the man of steel. I think they're tried it too many times now. It might be time to come out with something original.

haha I'm guessing you're not fond of password retrievals?
Maxymous Prime

Report | 07/20/2013 11:48 pm

Maxymous Prime

yeah haven't seen a comment from you in ages. Wasn't sure if you were still alive T.T
sounds like you could use a break! sweatdrop

Yeah I own the block of land now. I've got until december to build to be able to get all the government grants.
Training is over for now. The new chick at work that was annoying the s**t out of me with basic MS Office issues has finally learned how to use it all. YAY! blaugh
Unfortunately, we're about to roll-out a new system for which I am going to be the administrator of so there's going to be endless requests for assistance coming my way soon.. BOO! talk2hand
I've always had a wicked time with work experience people. They bring some fun to the workplace!

haha I thought that sort of thing only happened in America lol best try to forget it!

I thought you were happy with the line or work you're looking to head into? Are you much of a people person? If not, I'd probably advise not trying to be a boss. Bosses have to deal with a whole other series of tasks that aren't particularly fun (thus probably why most bosses are s**t) lol
Unfortunately with the way the job market is going, you really need to have one-up on everybody else to get somewhere decent. Try thinking of what you can achieve to be able to put it down on your CV and get the job you want!

On another note, have you seen The Walking Dead? I'm friggin' loving this show.

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Maxymous Prime

Report | 04/05/2013 5:50 am

Maxymous Prime

omg Gaia has posted your comments in a weird order. I think it might be because of the retarded American dating system. Your March comment it appearing before your April comment.

What do you mean you don't have lesbian feelings of a chick you had weird feelings about? that's a huge let down. lol jkz jkz. I've met some people like that before, they're rare instances but I think it's best to err on the side of caution.
Haven't talked to him, not planning on putting an expressions of interest out until later in the year.

Yeah but Sheldon Cooper is the kinda of type that can be forgiven for being an a*****e because he doesn't know he's an a*****e. The people who are assholes and know it/act like that on purpose are the ones you should ark up to.
Is the replacement chick young or old? I've had to help some older women in my workplace understand what I do so I can take on other duties... it would be quicker if I just did my current duties and other duties... razz

Well to answer both your comments, they considered my offer and took it. I've not bought a block of land. Stressful times ahead deciding who to build with/what's included in the build/what the price will be, etc...

and yes, you toled me about your housemate mishap. Pretty f**ked up shiznit. Like I said, I think you should try keep your distance. If it's not a problem directly related to you, keep clear. That's the sort of thing you need to take in life otherwise you'll be tearing your hair out, wondering how the hell you got into a mess. Not to mention, if you have not put pen to paper on an agreement and they don't have any evidence to suggest that you accepted an offer, you can walk away...

Just wow on that front. I don't know how some people can make something so simple be so difficult.

Maxymous Prime

Report | 03/05/2013 3:04 am

Maxymous Prime

aww damn that's a let down lol
I'm not really seeking anyone at this stage. I've actually made made an offer on a block of land a few streets down from my house. I figure if I get it for a good price I'll be able to afford to build my own house too!

oh yeah Sheldon Cooper is like that because of his robotic-like nature.
New people are funny to train. I have a new chick at work sitting next to me and she's a PA but has pretty much no computer skills so I'm teaching how to do everything all the time. It's a bit of fun at least. I usually get pretty worried with new people trying to perform tasks I already do because I'm pretty particular with sticking to process.

yeah I saw just in Sydney last week. I'm pretty sure I couldn't afford anything other than a phone box somewhere there lol

wow that sure is some drama. Looks like you need to get out of there pronto. I don't get why people have to be like that, surely it could all get sorted with a constructive conversation. I would be keeping my distance as much as possible if I were you. it's pretty unfortunate that you get stuck right in the middle of it. sweatdrop
Maxymous Prime

Report | 02/12/2013 4:31 am

Maxymous Prime

what do you mean you have weird feelings towards a girl? razz
I could probably ask one of my mates from high school if he wants to move out with me, he's already pretty quiet though so there wouldn't be a problem lol.
Yeah it kinda sucks how your friends change over time...

hmm your old lecturer sounds like a Sheldon Cooper of the world. I don't know how some people just wake up one day and decide they want to be an a**.

I highly recommend gangster squad no matter anybody's opinion.
I watched The Inbetweeners movie on the weekend. I finished watching the series the other week so I thought I'd watch the movie to complete it. Not quite as funny as the series though. Have you seen any of it?

haha inflation. It's just as crazy in real life as it is on here razz

meh there's plenty of stains on the carpet throughout my house due to having kids & pets live use them for more than a decade lol
I figure it's not the end of the world unless your looking to sell the place...

and yeah an apartment in the city is looking pretty feasible now... looking at the prices of a house anywhere in the city fringe suburbs is just over the top and I don't want to live in dingo woop woop. lol

nice to see you're venting on my comments section also.

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Maxymous Prime

Report | 02/01/2013 10:29 pm

Maxymous Prime

haha that's gold. It happens to all people that haven't done it before!

lolwut? sounds like some strange people you were getting lectured from...

I haven't ended up seeing Jack Reacher yet. I've seen Gangster Squad & the latest Quinten Tarantino movie Django Unchaiuned. They're both awesome movies, I highly suggest you see them (if you don't mind blood/gore) razz
hmm that must be where Jack Reacher is slightly different from a James Bond movie xD

It still looks like you're trying to make up some gold with all these comments lol

How did the stain removal on your carpet go?

As for new years resolutions... I wouldn't really say I have one, I'm still gunna try stick to my goals though. I should probably move out this year. how about you?
Maxymous Prime

Report | 01/04/2013 10:48 pm

Maxymous Prime

yeah I think there is a perception amongst older people that at our age, we should know everything about technology razz

haha a degree is B.S ery is obtain by working in government, it's taught on the job lol nah it all depends on what area you would like to work in, things like design/architecture, engineering, IT, etc. not really medicine xD
yeah I think it's sort of line law degrees, everyone tells you to go and do it because of how much you can earn in a job but they don't tell you how hard it is to get a job or get to the top.

Ah I won't worry about it then. I want to see Jack Reacher, it's sort of like the American James Bond.
Yeah, Anne Hathaway was pretty good in the Dark Knight Rises. I enjoyed the twist at the end where they revealed that it wasn't Baine who escaped from the jail in the pit.

only 2 make that 3 days off, that sucks. You're on Uni holidays now though aren't you so you don't have to study, right?
you'll have to get cracking on that stuff then! you have to pay an annual fee to maintain your license anyway don't you?

I see you making lot's of comments. were you trying to scrunge up some gold? razz