Generic About Me!

I'm Akito, I have other names friends have given me. Some I like, some I don't like. But I wouldn't speak up about that. Because I'm a people pleaser, most of the time.

I honestly don't know what to say about myself. We're already friends, I'd hope. Or you wouldn't be viewing my profile. We're friends, through one reason or another. Met through mutual friends, I contacted you out of the blue, so many possibilities!

I used to tell people all about my offline life, eventually my online and offline life became intertwined. Eventually found out I don't like them coming together like that. So, yeah.. Guess I'll be changing that. I already have close people that I trust enough to tell these things to.
Unless I am giving advice, I won't be getting too personal anymore.

On some days I can be the most talkative, making cheesy jokes trying my best to make you smile or laugh. Then on some days I have very little to say.
Pretty much: Some days I'm great. Then some days, the slightest pain can ruin my day and mood.
I figure you either know enough about me or I have chosen not to tell you much about me.
Either way, right now I'm catching up with friends I haven't heard from in a while, my Grandparents drove down to spend the labor day weekend here, and I'm trying to convince myself pains I'm dealing with aren't as bad as I keep thinking they are.

Any of this comes as a shock to you, then we must not talk that much. Plus, I don't like being the first to message people. Some folks are busy, I know.

The two people posted on my page are there because I used to talk with them daily, plus they pasted me on their profiles as well. I'm just glad more people don't do this or my profile would be pretty cluttered

Simple fact: If you're not pasted on my profile. Doesn't mean a thing. You're on my friend list. You mean something that way. Or I'd have unfriended you by now. You mean something either way though. I rarely find a person I hate. Least of all on a website like this.

"Once we learn that letting go has far more pleasure than pain attached to it then we no longer fear it."