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Howdy everyone!

So, Ill admit, I am terrible at the whole "About Me" things. But If you wish to know about me more, then PM me! Im always open to random Pms. (: Also, If you ever want to RP with me, send me a Pm. Im lazy Lit-Adv. Lit.

Umm.. Lets see. Im old. Yup. A whole 19 years old. Scary. I love to swing dance. (Yes I am a small town country girl). Love country music and line dancing.I have a weird taste in music (So I have been told (other than country music.) Honestly I dont even know what to call my other type of music. If you like it, let me know! The video on the right is how I dance. (not me in the video.) er.. Like to bowl, run, play music, and travel. I know 3 languages. I play guitar and piano. Annnnd I cant think of anything else. >.< Send me a Pm! (:

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