A Story...

Once upon a time, there was a young boy living alone. He hated everyone and everything in the world. He believed all he knew was despair and wanted the world to share in his sorrow. One day, an ancient wizard came to him and offered him a power. Anyone the boy touched would fade from existence. However, the wizard warned a price must be paid later. The boy accepted the offer.
The boy went on to spread the despair he felt his whole life. He erased many people and ruined many lives. However, no matter how many people he erased, he was never satisfied. Finally the wizard returned and told the boy he had to find true love and gain a kiss, otherwise, the boy would cease to exist. The boy had not yet been fully satisfied, so he wanted to continue living. He went searching for someone to fall in love with him.
One day, the boy found a girl high on a balcony. She was very beautiful, but seemed sad. He walked into her garden below and began speaking to her. She seemed very happy with his arrival and talked to him. The boy only wished to continue existing to spread more misery, so he pretended to be very cheerful for the girl. Everyday the boy would visit the girl and they would talk and laugh for hours. Every day the boy would act cheerful and kind and do his best to please the girl. It was not long before the girl fell in love.
When the boy realized this, he asked the girl for a kiss. She blushed at the idea, but came down from her balcony. However, when it came time to kiss her, the boy hesitated. He was not sure how, but his act had become his true feelings. He looked into the girl's eyes and became conflicted. If he kissed her, she would disappear forever, and if he did not, then he would vanish. After a lifetime of despair, he had finally found happiness. Was he ready to die? A few moments past and the boy made up his mind. He smiled at the girl who leaned in for a kiss.
He accepted that death was coming. For the first time, in a very long time, the boy was finally happy. Before he could say a word, the embarrassed girl leaned in and kissed his lips.

How do you think my little story should end? Comment and if you hated my story or think its written poorly, don't be afraid to say so.