Hello! I am a no-nonsense Mountaineer. That's right, I am from West Virginia.

I am a semi-obsessive neat freak, down to earth moral values, and still able to be a child at heart. I am 37 years old and looking forward to growing old. No sense trying to worry about it right? I like hanging out with people but still find solace in alone time. I am a social drinker, love to occasionally tie one on and make a fool of my self. (This usually happens on the dance floor. HaHa!) I love horses and ATVs, reading a good book, singing, watching movies, and walking thru the magnificent woodland wonderlands here.

I am afraid of heights, bats (Ask me about why. It's a funny/creepy story I promise), or in the end finding out what I did in life isn't good enough to move to the next phase. Heaven or Hell, Utopia or Reincarnation....Whatever it is we do when our time is up. (Humans are such wonderful messy things.)

If you would like to add me to your friends, just drop me a line. Please take care and have a nice day! <3


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NamesRina Report | 09/20/2014 5:10 pm
160b for the protagonist?
Angels Alibi Report | 09/03/2014 12:41 pm
Angels Alibi
It's Astra Evening Carnival Lights
Yayoi Pink Report | 08/26/2014 12:40 am
Yayoi Pink
Dawww, why thank you so much. heart
The song is called Poor Unfortunate souls sung by the Jonas Brothers. emotion_c8
em dan Report | 08/24/2014 3:33 pm
em dan
my dad changed the channel to a motorcycle fixin show before falling asleep again... im 25 and still afraid to grab at the remote lol
em dan Report | 08/24/2014 3:23 pm
em dan
I like the gift Ideas I've gotten you so far, but my inventory is being dumb and not loading... the other person who's bday it is looks like they don't ever sign in so I wasn't going to waste my time and money until I get confirmation that theres a real person there...
em dan Report | 08/24/2014 1:38 pm
em dan
tmnt is over... I didn't read over the messages I sent to you but I think I remember noting that tmnt was on and that I had new tmnt headphones.

casper the friendly ghost was up next. the one with Christina ricci ect.

haven't seen this since I was like nine
my inner little girl screamed really loud and excitedly like 4 times
em dan Report | 08/24/2014 1:36 pm
em dan
my computer is being super aggravating!!!

I can't load my inventory or get into my outfits or change my avatar

I went a little shopping... and attempted to buy a few things for you but im not even sure if that's working. slow and stupid internet is a dumb dumb bummer.

I also noticed that I have another gaian aquaintence who has a birthday in three days so im on a gift adventure for them aswell...

maybe we can all chat together some while after your birthdays to compare things... my birthday was in june I don't know if I told you that
em dan Report | 08/24/2014 12:24 pm
em dan
noticed you had boyfriend looking individual next to you on profile... goal now is eight gifts so that he feels like he's a part of your life too... (big smiles ; D )
em dan Report | 08/24/2014 12:15 pm
em dan
hey ey !!! know we haven't talked much yet, but I noticed it was your bday! you'll have to forgive me my notepad doesn't like being as fast on the internet as i'd like it to be... I was going to put the phrase " my computer is slow" but ninja turtles is on and a doctor type had used the phrase " their babyees" and my phrase became all scientific and concerned...

anyways didn't read back through that... since I don't know you really well or anything and i'm really trying to make more friends in life now... im 25! woo hoo quarter of a centurary!! (obtainment is like forever idk just trying to add whimsical wisdoms to my birthday note to you yay!! anyways this avatar is my showy dress up and game and net communication guy but im a 25 yr old chick livin at home in America woot woot ;I ((family's eatin pizza and watchin common tv shows... surprisingly its TMNT I've admired teenage mutant ninja turtles my whole life but haven't seen like 0 minuets of it... but I had bought a snazzy pair of tmnt headphones recently but I haven't got a chance to use them yet)

it was my aunts bday recently, im broker than a hole in a pocket of a fave cheap pair of pants... and I was feeling crampy and ended up just napping but I here the adult adults or whatever got to play cards together, that sounded friendly I was excited for them. I always fear the conservative older adults in my life don't get enough healthy fun in life....
anyways my birthday aunts friends had sent her some gormet scrumptious apples! she gave some!!! surprisingly they were green apples, I thought because of the expensive looking display they would be boring red apples... the green apples were juicy delicious like a super rare candy... and the many layers of different candy coatings were like the best chocalates and carmels ever! yay me... my sister even got chocolate all over her elbow eating hers (she's 20 something younger than me [[ her birthdays in November and always gets stuck just getting gifts at my mothers family's thanksgiveing at a buffet family resturaunt) I ended up with chocolate freckles all over my chest

anyways saw it was your birthday and was like must send gift!! (im intending to move all my stuff to a new domain... an update/upgrade... my personality and themes and colors in life changes and I like to progressively move forward in life) (plus I forget passwords somestimes ;p)

(so ill be sending you a message soon about a new avatar name or something maybe unless you inform me that you totally hate me and don't want me messaging you in life)

(if you hate me because of my bad grammer and email edicutte im sorry im a newb ... this is the second time ive wanted to note that I was born in 1989 and didn't get a lot of electronic lessons in life... I only end up online like once a month... [[but sometimes that once a month will end up like a 4 day weekend of constant marketplace shopping and junk food surfing and then spend the next month recooperating]]

anyways was like ya i'll send 'listed friend' a gift... saw your name and was like i'll send another gift for what their reminded of and then decided to do a little investigating of your avatar and profile page to see if I could get you a third gift if I liked the things I associated with what I saw... so that was like three gifts and then by the time I got to your profile I felt guilty for not paying enough attention to inviting more people in my life so you've got me up to 4 gifts... lol

em dan
(Emily Danielle 25/usa)

ps didn't read through this mess before I sent it... sorry if it was embarrassingly revealing

pps sorry if my gifts are cheap or something you have, I only have 5000 gold... im currently unemployed sorry ;(
Cautious Crayons Report | 08/22/2014 5:11 pm
Cautious Crayons
Thank you for your purchase~ heart

Points of Wisdom:

When you're in love, you're always in trouble. There's only two things you can do about it - either stop loving them, or love them a whole lot more.



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