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Alyssa | 18 | US


I'm currently busy with life so I'm not on this site as often as I used to be. In my free time I play video games; I'm frequently on my Xbox and playing LoL. When I'm not gaming, in school, or at work I watch Netflix.

I'm enrolled in college and getting my degree in Veterinarian Medicine. I'm working part time at a grocery store as an assistant manager.

I've been dating a man who has brought the better side out of me. Everyday he proves just how worthy I am and that I'm meaningful in his life. I'm going to marry him someday. Hes' my better half, and I love him.
Est. 10//15//2011

I'm a straight-edge and currently battling depression. It's been a struggle but I'm slowly winning, I think...

That's about it. You can contact me via:

Tumblr: ask. (NSFW posts)
Xbox One: A lvl 5 Vulpix
Twitch: aiikins
Line: x-alikins
LoL: Alikins