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On the inky black of empty space,
The universe lit with sparkling stars which they tread,
where it echoes in the night.

These starmates who known as the FormlessSideralis#4,
went to a never-ending adventurous throughout the galaxy,
fight and sing to bring peace where love and dreams can be unfold,
and let the starry night will shine forever !

FormlessSideralis#4 third member known as The Dazzling Raging Star exist from Corona, Aichi Keiichi !

yum_strawberry Name : Aichi ^^v
yum_strawberry Hobbies : Do fiction stories & play video games ^^v
yum_strawberry Colour : Light green & blue ^^v
yum_strawberry Important thing : My notebook & my pencil ^^v
yum_strawberry Favorite food / drink : Omelette rice ^^v
yum_strawberry Currently : Taking care of my eyes ^^"
yum_strawberry My dream : Too many of them ^^"
yum_strawberry Additional information :
1. Like to give someone a nickname (when it's complicated to remember)
2. Forgetful ^^"
3. Always have dictionary by her side when playing game ^^v

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Sorata Shiranui
Teruma Asakura
Aichi Keiichi

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