Yes, I do RP. c: 1x1 Only.

I'm 28 years old and I enjoy romance / adventure / and drama. Lots of drama. I am willing to play males or females. I will only do a select few pairings from anime's / television shows including:

Sailor Moon - Luna & Artemis / Usagi & Seiya

Inuyasha - Inuyasha & Kagome / Inuyasha & Kikyo / Sesshoumaru & adult Rin / Inuyasha & Kouga

Fushigi Yuugi - Miaka & Tasuki

The Walking Dead - Daryl & Caryl

Otherwise, I do enjoy original storylines. These can also be made up characters in any of the anime settings listed above. I'm also willing to listen to any ideas you may have!

Please take note, I will write anywhere from a couple lines to a book. Really, it all depends on my mood. I dislike being given a post minimum to meet because then I feel like I fill it in with nonsense. RP is for fun and writing, not to form a picture perfect story. Typos will happen and stories will drift apart. Just please be open with me. If we don't fit? Then we don't fit. It's all good.

Send me a PM! c:
Ai x Kira
Ai x Luna