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"Sakura Uta" A song Ai and Sentarou used to sing.

Why do lovely flowers bloom from the cherry tree?

Children of seven, waking, smile at the sun.

Why do fragrant blossoms stir in the mountain air?

Children of seven, laughing, run through the wood.

Why do crimson branches dance for the village streets?

Children of seven, singing, call down the wind.

Why do wilting flowers fall from the cherry tree?

Children of seven, dying, to wake once more.



The main protagonist of the series, who is arguably an anti-heroine as well. With long, straight black layered hair with a fringe, ruby-red eyes and pale skin, she is a spiritual entity with a tragic past, who lives in a place frozen in time as it basks in eternal sunset, along with her grandmother. There are 4 dolls visible near the computer, which are her companions. With an old computer inside their house, Ai is able to receive the names of the clients who have used the website, and delivers their revenge. She normally wears a black sailor uniform, but always wears a black kimono with floral designs when delivering the vengeance of a client. Whenever a contract is fulfilled, after the targeted person suffers the hellish hallucinations which exploit their flaws and crimes, she appears to the condemned and recites the following rite, before rowing them to eternal damnation:

"O pitiful shadow bound in darkness,
Looking down upon people,and causing them pain
A hollow soul drowning in sins..
Want to try dying this once?"

Ai started her career as the Hell Girl by her own act of vengeance on the villagers who sentenced her to a sacrificial death as part of their village's tradition. Her eyes, once a deep brown, turned red arguably at the point where Sentarou (her childhood friend and cousin who gave in under the villagers' pressure to bury her alive) gave the first shovel of soil onto her face. She broke out of her grave after a while, and took revenge on the entire village with her wrath, burning it to the ground. Her task of fulfilling other people's vengeance and ferrying people to Hell is her punishment, a task which she had performed for 400 years after that incident. A Spider, which is later revealed to be the God of Hell, gave her new life again and made a pact with her; in exchange for her immortal form, she cannot enter Hell and must remain on the shores of Hell, acting as the deliverer of people's hatred and vengeance. In order to serve these tasks, The God of Hell demanded that Ai forget her own hatred, numbing herself to the sufferings of others and becoming a mere observer of any happenings. If she hadn't this punishment, the souls of her beloved ones would have to wander in Hell forever. Having no other choice, Ai agreed with the God of Hell and became the Hell Girl.

Although this task is presented as atonement, it is unknown whether she will ever be freed of it. Wanyūdō noted she still had feelings, though, although she did not express them strongly, and it was later revealed that Ai had been ordered to close her heart by the Spider. But the experiences she has with the Shibatas made Ai express anger towards them. When enraged, Ai demonstrates the ability to hurl great blasts of energy, as well as the power to create elaborate illusions and teleport. She also has the ability to show someone the future of a grudge, as she showed Yuzuki in Episode 16 of Mitsuganae. Though, this ability may be limited to some degree, as Ai was unable to predict her confrontation with the Hell Boy, Gill du Ronfell.

In the second season, Ai becomes more expressive and shows more emotions, being more willing to interact with her "clients" and victims. She even puts up a "V for Victory" sign in front of her target by way of mocking him as he is dragged to his doom. She had also been seen reading from a fashion magazine while her compatriots watch over their client, and had showed concern towards a mother who willingly ended her life so that her daughter doesn't have to send her to Hell. As she witnesses Takuma Kurebayashi's disheartening persecution, Ai recollects her emotions pertaining to her own wrongful persecution and she defies her 'employer', the God of Hell, and becomes restored to human life, and killed shortly thereafter, when saving Takuma from his tormentors. After Ai's self-sacrifice, her body dissolves into sakura petals and drifts into the sky.

In the beginning of the third season, Ai transports another girl, Yuzuki, to a strange illusion and a vision, where Ai possessed her. Eventually, her body is later released during The Six-script Lantern ceremony in her town in which the gate to Hell is temporarily open allowing Ai to be released from her body. Ai eventually reveals to Yuzuki that she is destined to become her successor. Ai disappears without a word after Yuzuki becomes Hell Girl. Eventually she returns to take the role of Hell Girl once again in order to spare Yuzuki from being sent to Hell.


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Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 3:07 am
Professor Cypress
Ikr? But even with body guards,there's always a way to get at the President for those that are crafty and cunning enough. I mean the Master managed to frame the Doctor for assassinating the former Lord President once.
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 2:20 am
Professor Cypress
Yeah, if only, right? Well she calls the Doctor her enemy while she sees the Master as her rival. She was exiled from Gallifrey after accidentally accelerating the growth patterns of her laboratory mice, and they grew to monstrous size and rampaged through the Capitol, eating the Lord President's cat mauling the Lord President HIMSELF! Wait, scratch my earlier statement from the record. I forgot, she actually DID conquer two whole worlds, one of which she experimented on the whole populace.
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 1:55 am
Professor Cypress
Far from it, she doesn't care about power. She's first and foremost a scientist. All she cares about is science ad that all others are beneath her and are only good for experimentation. It's the reason why she was banished from Gallifrey when one of her experiments went horribly wrong.
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 1:43 am
Professor Cypress
Thanks sweetie, it only cost 15 dollars too. But the experiments had something to do with removing a certain fluid from people's brains that made the subjects unnaturally and uncontrollably aggressive.
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 1:28 am
Professor Cypress
Well that's pretty sweet there,sweetie. It's actually just one DVD with a single story on it. Doctor Who: Mark of The Rani. It's a hard-to-find story. It has the Sixth Doctor and Peri going against The Master and a newly introduced renegade Time Lady known as The Rani. She's been in '1800s London doing unethical experiments on humans.
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 1:10 am
Professor Cypress
Do what I do best. Obsess over Doctor Who, lol. Did I tell you I got a new DVD of the series a few weeks ago?
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 1:07 am
Professor Cypress
Kind of bored right now. Whatcha up to, sweetie?
Professor Cypress Report | 07/14/2014 12:38 am
Professor Cypress
How are you doing tonight, love?
Professor Cypress Report | 07/10/2014 2:00 am
Professor Cypress
Thanks again, and actually, my sniper rifle is infinite. So is my magnum and my shotguns, longbow too.
Professor Cypress Report | 07/10/2014 1:38 am
Professor Cypress
Thanks sweetie, and lately, I've only been using my sniper rifle on more protected enemies at more critical junctions. I've been using a LONGBOW without a scope for the first half of the game, and it's WORKING!


"Oh pitiful shadow, lost in the darkness. Bringing torment and pain to others.Oh damned soul, wallowing in your sins. is time to die."


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