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[F - 22 - CO]
Serayoth is my RL hubby

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Saucy IV Report | 03/23/2014 5:21 pm
Saucy IV
Would you be willing to trade a NHB for my horns of demon?
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 6:31 pm
skrean watcher
Never smoke Green Savior, terrible. I hope all goes well. =]
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 6:17 pm
skrean watcher
I love lemon mint haha. I am really into Purple Savior from Starbuzz.
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 6:14 pm
skrean watcher
I have never tried Haze. Fantasia is not good to me lol. Hookah Hookah is the poopiest of poop butts. I tried german made tobacco, called Blue Bee. Blue Bee was not half bad, 250 grams for 10 dollars.
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 6:09 pm
skrean watcher
Not lemon mint.
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 6:00 pm
skrean watcher
I like Starbuzz, Rammon, and some al fakher.
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 5:35 pm
skrean watcher
what brand do you prefer. I am a starbuzz man myself.
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 5:27 pm
skrean watcher
favorite flavor?
skrean watcher Report | 03/19/2014 5:23 pm
skrean watcher
Ah, a fellow hookah person haha.
Mustardism Report | 03/16/2014 9:18 pm
Thank you so much~
btw, i'm willing to buy all three, is that fine with you? sweatdrop

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