The Random Findings

4laugh Welcome! Here at the Randomosity Findings you can find anything from Demonic looking armor to an adorable SnowflakeBag for lw prices! I not only sell event rare items but also commonly found items, usually for a lesser price than the store offers you! My pricing method is very simple: I add the three prices [store price, average price, and lowest price (and if there isn't a store price I just add the prices and divide by 3 rather than find the average of that, making the price higher)] and if the price seems too high to me i lower it by dividing by 3 again, and so on if the price still seems high (altho the chances of that are very low because when finding an average it keeps things in a similar rangeeven so if the item seems of lesser value i will just the price). I also sell rare items at low prices but only for a short amount of time, so its good to check in every other day or so, don't want to miss out on epic items for low prices!!! You are garenteed to get good deals here, at The Random Findings! make sure to tell your friends! I'm sure if you like this place, they'll like it too!!! 4laugh


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