My name is Larissa, but everyone calls me Rissa. (Or else!) Just kidding, but I rather to be called Rissa. I have many nicknames, but I usually go by Rissa.

I was born on July 2nd, 1991.

I'm very protective of my friends, who I like to refer to as: My besties! Close friends in particular I'm very protective of. Someone hurts my friends; by God, they better run. There's some things people would never guess about me. Heres five facts..

1. I'm BI. (And proud of it!)
2. I love making new friends, be it guy or girl! (or alien.. o-o)
3. I'm a very hyper person, and I LOVE smileys. :3
4. I write stories/poems constantly.
5. I play maplestory often.
6. I love to roleplay, and I'm roleplaying almost every day.

I'm very proud to be a part of my friend's lives. I wouldn't change any of the experiences I've had with you guys for a million dollars. Not even all the money or things in the world. I love you all, and you're special to me in every way possible.

I love video games. You could call me obsessed. The first MMORPG I became addicted to; was Maplestory. Maple was a huge part of my life. I played it for 8 hours straight one time. I started off on MapleSEA, and moved to MapleGlobal. I have many friends who play maplestory; and I'm spreading the news of Maple around.

I also have every video game system except xbox 360. I DO have a life outside of games, so don't you dare say I have no life. I am very shy, unless it's a very close friend I'm talking to.

Well; thats all I can think of for now; I'll add more later.

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My Randomly Themed Journal~

Love to live, live to love~
Life is like a rollercoaster, there's ups, and downs, and you go on it for the fun of the ride~

A web-blog where I post about anything and everything I feel needs to be said. Sometimes I'll post rants; sometimes I'll post my poetry, and sometimes even sneek peeks at my stories. it's all random, so enjoy your time here. ^^



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lXl Tempus Temporis lXl

Report | 03/24/2017 10:43 pm

lXl Tempus Temporis lXl

It's fine smile

I've been busy with a project in college, the group I'm in is making a game during this week and next week razz
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/20/2017 10:25 am

Carbine The Demon

Lol agreed!
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/19/2017 2:22 pm

Carbine The Demon

Hi Hi Sissy! How are you today? Wanna Skype for a bit so you can meet Tissy?
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/11/2017 2:27 pm

Carbine The Demon

Ah okay lol. Just rest when you get home. Whenever that is and post as soon as it's possible.
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/11/2017 1:44 pm

Carbine The Demon

WOW! And Lol yeah that is Appropriate. I was gonna ask if you'd mind posting lol. But since you're at a con, Just post when you can.
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/11/2017 1:21 pm

Carbine The Demon

Hey sissy! How are you feeling? Any better?
Riku The Devoted

Report | 03/06/2017 6:17 pm

Riku The Devoted

Awww sorry your feeling cruddy! Hey I left you this comment on fb too but I don't know which website you'll see first. But I have a sleeping tip for you. With the kiddos some of the class rooms play a 10 hour rain video from youtube to help them sleep at nap. Of course they don't sleep for the whole 10 hours. Nap its only an hour and a half. But they grab that long one just because. I started using it with myself at night and I fall asleep within 10 minutes.
It helps my brain to shut off and quit thinking about things from the day or past days. I concentrate on the sound of the nice rain and fall asleep pretty quickly.
Riku The Devoted

Report | 03/05/2017 6:53 am

Riku The Devoted

Daaaaaw thanks for the s/o Rissas!!!!!!!! heart We were sooooooooooooooo very glad you were there at the party. You helped with our anxietys so much. You made us feel so much better.
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/04/2017 3:50 pm

Carbine The Demon

like i said take your time.
Carbine The Demon

Report | 03/04/2017 3:17 pm

Carbine The Demon

Ah okay. I was only checking. There's no rush. I'm also glad you had a great time with your friend. As to the RP, just take your time, I'm just excited to get to RP with another great RP'er.