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DN Angel
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'Magnolia Wine' - Charlene Kaye

Boring Old Me...

A few things about affairoftheheart

I'm Diedre.
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That's me. Aren't I pretty?

I'm 20.I live in Minnesota.

After taking a year off after high school, I am attending college as a Theatre Major.

Don't bother asking me what college I'm going to. You haven't heard of it. Trust me.

I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin),

RENT (I dream of playing Maureen one day),

and Ouran High School Host Club (Kyoya and Mori are my boys <3)

I am also a recent Gackt fangirl. My friend Lulu got me into Malice Mizer, and subsequently him. I don't really listen to his music because I don't understand a word of Japanese, but come on...

...HE'S SO PRETTY!!!!!

PM me if you want to talk Harry Potter, Broadway shows, country music, or opera!

Send me avi art, and I will love you forever! <3

P.S. : Redvines, what the hell can't they do?

Also: OMGDARRENCRISSONGLEE!!!!1111!!!!!one!!!1!!!

He's so dreamy...

Background can be found [url= duck&order=9&offset=24#/d32mwv]here.[/url]


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Varies Report | 04/22/2011 9:38 am
I start May 14! And I'm done with school May 6. So little time! sad
Varies Report | 04/20/2011 4:34 pm
The Ice Maker Report | 11/30/2010 8:41 pm
Sadness! D:> But, yeah, I guess I can relate; I don't come on here as often as I used to. ^^' Or, rather, I just don't do as much. xD' (I'm on here a lot, actually.) Anyway! Yeah, it's nice to see someone else I know on here too! 8D
The Ice Maker Report | 11/28/2010 1:44 pm
Heya! biggrin It's Miss Kelly, from Harvey! o7o (Mandi, in other words. xD') I just wanted to let you know that your avi's really pretty~! >u< And your profile's awesome! >w<d
singlikenoonecanhearyou Report | 09/30/2010 2:41 pm
would you consider being a proffesor in my hogwarts guild? ive seen your posts in the forums and you know quite a bit...
[Raphael] Report | 09/14/2010 8:15 pm
Thank you!
Varies Report | 07/27/2010 5:48 pm
Did you get ma text?

by the way, I totally thought the person on your background was a girl..
Varies Report | 07/02/2010 10:46 pm
AHH!!! That sexy sexy man. ;__;
I hope and pray they bring him back!
Varies Report | 07/02/2010 10:17 pm
Not going to lie, I find myself coming to your pofile just to hear your music xD
Varies Report | 06/05/2010 6:38 pm
<3 ya, sis. smile


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