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Lost, not forgotten.

  • Eggcentric Collector[44]
  • Victory![119]
  • Peelunger Pounder[120]
  • Gramster Gladiator[121]
  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Lawn Gnome Mower[123]
  • Gnomercy[124]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Pink Flamingo Hunter[126]
  • Pink Flamingo Poacher[127]
  • Mushroom Cannon Thumper[128]
  • Mushroom Cannon Tormentor[129]
  • Air Fluff Deflater[131]
  • Air Fluff Decimator[132]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Garlic Harvester[135]
  • Skeeter Squasher[137]
  • Skeeter Slayer[138]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Butcher[141]
  • OMG That Hurt[143]
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Not exactly what you're looking for?

Hmm.. What to say, what could I say.
Hrm, what would one like to know.. I guess you could say you'll only get bits and pieces from me, OF me, and what occurs around me.

Words, left here to remind me people still talk to me here.

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Baron Gene Report | 01/26/2016 7:40 am
Ya not dead? WWWWWHHHHAAA??? gonk

Ew, feel violated by that wink. That's like when we dude hug. emotion_8c
Ulrich Revian Report | 12/31/2015 1:28 pm
I'll be sure to reach out to you when I can for sure.

When it comes to MH, I'll get you back into the swing of it. Besides, I still have a large group that loves to hunt together.
Weeping Rose Report | 12/31/2015 12:50 am

I know what you mean.

I like to play the kindred game. Working on leveling up mostly.
Ulrich Revian Report | 12/31/2015 12:44 am
Ah, glad to hear allis well. I'd lov to hunt with you again, anytime. It doesn't bother me at all how many times either of us die, as long as we enjoy ourselves and have a good time. Yep, hope that means that X will have a Global release, fingers crossed. Message me on Skype anytime you feel or send me a pm to stay in touch. I have to work until next Wednesday so far with no day off, so I'm not sure when the best time for us to settle on anything is, but I can always check my phone to see if you've messaged me.
Ulrich Revian Report | 12/31/2015 12:12 am
Lol yup, saw that a moment ago when I left mine. Haha. It's good to see you too, I've been well. How about yourself?
Weeping Rose Report | 12/31/2015 12:09 am
Good to hear xd

Nah your not a failure. How's are things with you?
Ulrich Revian Report | 12/30/2015 11:25 pm
You can never leave!~
Weeping Rose Report | 11/01/2015 11:46 am
blaugh 4laugh

Glad you don't leave.
It's hard to xp
Weeping Rose Report | 07/08/2015 9:41 pm
Lol your status. Where are you at?
And... Now I have the song stuck in my head xp
OctoCamo Report | 07/07/2015 5:10 pm
It's so weird seeing you on Gaia.

Song in my blood

Song for the Soul

Music in my head.

Music for the Hunt.


The sun sets...