There's nothing really special about me, i'm pretty average.

I play zOMG a lot and will gladly help out newbies so long as they are polite.
I've noticed recently in the game that many people are very rude and mean for no reason, i won't have any of that around me. One time i even had some girl yell at me for talking to an NPC because she said it was her boyfriend! WTF!? Another bad experience in zOMG which has happened more than once is people getting really pissed off at me for declining their crew invites, you arguing with me and chasing me won't make me want to join your crew.

I'm always up for a good debate on anything, so long as the other person actually knows what they're talking about and can present their opinion in a rational and polite way.

I have a strong opinion on many things, some of which might make people hate me but i don't mind much. However i never ever force my opinion or beliefs on anyone else and won't talk to anyone who does this.

I'm obsessed with Corpse Party and i'm not sure why....

My top five favorite Corpse Party characters:

5. Kensuke Kurosaki
4. Yoshikazu Yanagihori
3. Sachiko Shinozaki
2. Mitsuki Yamamoto
1. Yuuya Kizami

My top five least favorite Corpse Party characters:

5. Ayumi Shinozaki
4. Naomi Nakashima
3. Yuka Mochida
2. Satoshi Mochida
1. Tohko Kirisaki

Some people think the only reason i hate Tohko is because she has a crush on Yuuya lol no. I was completely indifferent to her when i first saw her in blood covered but then in book of shadows i came to despise her soo much. *SPOILERS** i've hated her since the very moment she said "You need to die already" to Kai i mean sure he's an a** but to wish death on him is too far especially considering you're in a fricking school full of stuff that will kill you! Well i hope you were happy when you got your wish Tohko -_- Then after that when she didn't believe Emi or Ohkawa about Yuuya pushing Katayama down the stairs it just made me hate her even more, i mean who would you believe more your two friends who are screaming and freaking out or some guy who's sitting there playing with a dead body? -_-

I'm actually currently working on a corpse party fan game myself, if anyone is willing to help that would be great!

I don't put any personal information on the internet! You never know who is on the other side of the screen.

Since the current profile layout i have doesn't allow me to show the items i have equipped you can go ahead and ask me what i have on if you're curious.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile!


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