We all carry these things,
Inside that no one else can see.
They hold us down like anchors.
They drown us out at sea.
I look up to the sky.
There may be nothing there to see.
But if I don't believe in him,
Why would he believe in me?

--Bring Me The Horizon

So as you probably know my name is;;
Aubry Ann Temps

Born : April 1, 1995
I live in the nineonethree :]
I love listening to music.
Mozart Season is my favorite band
the song playing now is my favorite biggrin
I love zebra print
And I am obsessed with Rave hairspray.
I'm not like most girls you know.
I am changing all the time
I'm actually pretty diverse,
and I'm not what you would expect me to be.
I'm insecure about things
you probably dont even think about.
I worry every second
of everyday.
I'm paranoid,
and eaisly scared.
There is never a minute
where I'm not thinking.
My mind is one scary place to be.
And really,,
I don't act the way I dress.
I am not "emo".
And I am not a hardcore kid.
I don't do alchohol and I don't do drugs.
I'm not going to lie and say I'm happy with myself.
Because, I'm not.
But I'm working on it
I have lived in Kansas all my life.
And I truely hate it.
I get distracted a little too eaisly.
I have a love affair with pizza, tacos, and monsters
Recently I've become obsessed with knuckle tattoos.
I'm bisexual.
And I truely don't care how you feel about that.
I like smiling,
and laughing.
I like cuddling,
and kissing.
I like having people that are
Paige, Taylor, Carson, and Hamilton
are some of the only people I can count on anymore.
They keep my heart beating. :]
I play video games way too much.
And I've wasted many hours of my life
Sitting in front of the T.V. screen trying to win them.
Photography and music are my passion.
And to be honest,,
I don't know why I waste my time
hoping that somehow things will work out.
They never seem to for me..
I'm giving up..