As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.

If you want to know more about me
for some odd reason
ask me stuff.

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iLunar Star

Report | 01/05/2017 10:04 am

iLunar Star

Sorry for not replying to the rest sooner. >.>
Been trying to avoid using my laptop since it causes my left eye to twitch uncontrollably alot lately...
I can see just fine.
But my eye will just twitch non stop now over extended periods of time.

Did your keyboard issue get resolved?
I hope it did!
Would be terrible to not be able to type properly. :/

I don't really know anyone irl. XD
Aside from my parents and that one friend I don't really know anyone.
Plus the rest of my family members all live far away and I barely have contact with them
Truth be told I'm kind of like the black sheep of my family since I'm really blunt and refuse to interact with people I deem fake even if they are family.
My parents are the type that think family is family either way, despite the fact that they themselves haven't completely stuck by it since my mom hasn't talked to that one brother in ages. Lol.

The sad thing is she's perfectly aware and even dictated the times he cheated on her that she knows of to the family friend that went to pick him up at the airport when he left again.
So I'm sure she's just staying with him for one reason or another despite being perfectly aware of how disloyal he has been to her.

I suppose so.
They also fail to take into account just how much commitment, dedication and how big a financial drain children are, especially nowadays.
Not to mention that I'm incredibly picky. Lol.
Literally every guy I've come across has been either a creep or a douchebag.
That or they have the notion that women can't do certain things and that annoys me just as much as if they were creeps or douchebags.
Plus there's also the whole Asexuality thing so honestly for now I just change the topic whenever someone brings it up.
Can't wrap my head around how I'd explain it to my parents if I ever felt the need to, let alone my grandparents. Lol.
I think it's because our grandparents were raised in a time when they were all conditioned to expect to get married and have children by a certain time frame.
I honestly don't really care for it at the moment.
Getting myself in check comes first and foremost.
Besides I'm still young.
Have plenty of time to change my mind.
Or not.
Who knows.

Oh really?
That's cool that you've had them.
Did you like them?

Whoops must've accidentally taken it off when my builder froze on me last and I was pressing stuff like crazy to see if that got it to work again. XD
Should work now though.

Lol really?
I think yours are so much better. Lol
I got some new items from this person giving away junk and I felt like trying some of them.
Should've prob covered the face a bit on the side since you can tell it's the female base. >.>

Oh wow. XD
I'm the same way but I've been spending my time binging shows.
I've been thinking of starting up on Adventure Time again and then The Regular Show.
Right now I'm watching We Bare Bears though slowly.
Alternated between We Bare Bears, Ajin and Kiba.
Finished Ajin today though so I may start on something else soon.
What mmo's have you been playing?

Report | 01/04/2017 9:23 am


Yes, i'd love to see that happen as well. All things that made the site more interactive instead of just a place to get items and play dress up.
dark pillow

Report | 01/04/2017 9:10 am

dark pillow

Thanks! It's for the runway tomorrow. xD The gold carnival theme. o3o Since there are two carnival themes. xD There were many others I wanted to make too! >u<
And if you want to make one, then do it! biggrin Here is a background item list, if you need it. :3

At first I was like "g and h? What does that mean?" But then I realized you meant the actual letters and they didn't stand for anything. xD

Report | 01/02/2017 6:03 pm


Yeah no worries, I hope that helped your wishlist though a bit.

My pseudo main's ghosting code is 32387743. Just message me here or on there with whatever you want to buy, quite a few items are NFS but I'll let you know which ones. It's probably better to pm me on there cause I've been burnt out from relisting so I might respond really really slow on this account, sorry. :S

Oh wow, that's pretty awesome, congrats on your win! I think the trick with arena used to be to submit your avatar really really late into the week so that your avatar pops up on the recommendations side window for additional free advertisement. I'm not sure if they fixed it or not but a lot of regulars tend to do that which is why they get a lot of votes. Were you able to win runway before? They might've fixed the botting issue, I don't know since I haven't been keeping up with site news.

Yeah, I do appreciate the fact that people are actually making new discussion topics in the GCD besides the crapton of item discussion threads we get daily. Has anything cool been happening since he came back? Aside from the jewelry sales I don't know what else changed so I guess I'm not really sure what to make of everything right now.
iLunar Star

Report | 01/02/2017 4:33 pm

iLunar Star

Was able to hole myself up in my bedroom all day.
I think I may have to act and pretend like I'm cool with them if these visits become a recurrence.
For the sake of not telling more than I would rather tell.
Thanks for your concern!
Also thanks alot for those gifts!
Such a cute bundle of items! XD

Report | 01/02/2017 10:38 am


inflation and annnouncements, so damn annoying
dark pillow

Report | 01/02/2017 10:32 am

dark pillow

Yup! It's been good so far! xD

Thanks! And yes, it's for the go fish tomorrow. biggrin The pink theme wasn't free and I have no town items for the other theme so then there's only the fishing theme. xD Tried to do a different avi than last time since it's not very long ago. o.o
dark pillow

Report | 01/02/2017 10:05 am

dark pillow

I did have a great time new years eve indeed! ^u^
Hope you did too! biggrin

Report | 01/02/2017 9:47 am


Yeah the announcements are lame. New year though! i'm so hopeful for the future!

Report | 01/02/2017 9:36 am


I need to tweak the Squal avi.
I've been okay. Trying to be more active on gaia again. I'm excited to see Lanzer back. I hope he fixes things