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dark pillow

Report | 08/25/2015 7:42 pm

dark pillow

I guess that is how it always is. But it does make sense, if no one had taught me how to sew, I'd probably never bother going out of my way to learn it. Even if I was aware of the possibility. It also depends on you having a sewing machine available, because no beginner would buy their own as they are rather expensive! There are several things like that, things I'd like to learn but won't go out of my way to learn. Like playing the piano, that would be nice, I always thought piano music is very nice, and I always liked making up my own songs, but there isn't anyone to teach me and it's not a skill I need or want that badly so I won't go get a teacher. I'm sure there are alot of people who feel the same way about alot of things. Especially if they know it's gonna take alot of effort from their side too, in order to learn something you don't need.

Almost all of my items are super cheap now! Not that they really dropped, because I am always only looking for cheap stuff in the MP, so most of my stuff is from RIGs and such. Except a few things. Oh, but yeah, alot of my old stuff did drop too.
Selling stuff is annoying, especially the old stuff that isn't worth so much because it seems no one knows about them so they don't get bought so easily either. >3>;
Yeah, I really like your current avi too! >u< The colors are indeed nice together. :3
dark pillow

Report | 08/25/2015 7:08 pm

dark pillow

Nah, I think anyone could make their own clothes if they wanted to, it's not particularly difficult, especially if you do use a pattern. I think it's very much similar to cooking, you just have to follow the recipe, that is of course after you have learned how to do basic stuff so you actually understand the recipe. Or, you can skip the recipe (still need to know the basics though) and you can end up with something good, or it could be a horrible mistake. xD So pretty much like food, except I guess almost everyone needs to know how to cook food, while sewing isn't as important since you can buy clothes anyways.

Yeah, pretty nice items. ^u^ And no worries, I am not updated on all the new stuff either, those things usually cost too much for me to bother with anyways. xD
Thank you very mush anyways! >u< I didn't expect you to have all the meido cafes anyways, since those are kinda rare too. =u= No worries, soon I'll have 1bill more gold, so I can buy the 25 pack! I already have 3bill, so I only need one. :3 I was trying to sell my art so I'd have more than enough, but maybe I should just sell something... Problem is, most of my items are really cheap, and the ones that aren't I'd like to keep. o3o;
dark pillow

Report | 08/25/2015 5:50 pm

dark pillow

It's good that your coworkers are so supportive! ^u^ Sounds like a good place to work!

Hahahah! Hardly! I'd actually say I am bad at making clothes because I get impatient and want to just get to it, so I make a few mistakes. And I hardly ever try out stuff before actually sewing it, so I just cut the fabric and sew it together hoping it will work. o3o Usually if you don't have a pattern you should try it out first on cheap fabric or even paper. >.>; That is why I often notice mistakes which can't exactly be fixed so I have to just wing it and do something else. So far it has worked out, but there are some stupid mistakes that I am kinda annoyed at myself for making. xD

And I actually like the items from this gate quite alot! What do you think of them? I am only a little disappointed there were so few even though we unlocked all the possible items. :I
Well, I wanted to get all the meido cafes, I only got tsun's side. And the princess diamandis recolor is really cute! biggrin And you have no idea how much I've been wanting one of the moth items but I thought they were too overpriced to buy one, so of course I have to get the sunset moth to a flame! Even though I like the cream/ green recolor better, but oh well. I also want the wartorn dancer item for the hair. :3 And the salacubus! But that one is rather rare so you probably don't have doubles and if you do you could just sell it, probably still fetches a nice price. I actually didn't get that many doubles of the human items, but if there's any you wanted you haven't gotten there's a chance I have a double, so just say so. >u>
dark pillow

Report | 08/23/2015 7:02 pm

dark pillow

Aw, that doesn't sound so good! D:
But it's great you have a job and all! ^^ Sound exciting!
Things are pretty good here, I've been out bicycling and swimming today, and I made myself a skirt and a top so that was fun! biggrin
dark pillow

Report | 08/22/2015 5:30 pm

dark pillow

Hello Harp! ^^ Saw you were online... So how's it going? :3
iLunar Star

Report | 08/07/2015 10:38 am

iLunar Star

Lol is that a new animal mod? XD
So cute.
Gaia has gotten way expensive.
Now I just usually get on to chat with people in the ACNL thread.
Been meaning to post ocasionally on my quest thread too but school and studying has me booked. Lol.
That and when I have free time I've been trying to balance it out with like reading ebooks, playing video games and catching up on tv shows.
If you ever get the Chance watch or read Game of Thrones. Totally awesome!
dark pillow

Report | 03/01/2015 5:01 am

dark pillow

Really? I mean, kids can be cute sometimes I guess? But not when they are too young, like unable to walk young. :I I have never understood why anyone thought that was cute. =.=

Meh, going to a haunted house where you have to pay and get tickets seem pointless... Since you'll be going with other people and it really takes away all the fun of it when it's like that. And even if something happens you won't believe even a shred of it because someone is making money from your belief, and then it only makes sense they would stage it. :I

Report | 02/25/2015 10:34 am


Nope~ Just now is afternoon~
Now I feel sleepy x.x It's 2:30 am / _
You are in paw avatar =D I want to change to paw too~
Let me send a pm to you~ xp

Report | 02/24/2015 9:54 pm


xDDD It's like they are in the violence type of love relationship! rofl rofl
I just found a tumblr page that translate 19 days! =D tumblr~

Remember that I says that I can sketch some comic page in holiday? In the end I didn't even sketch much xDDD
We keep on going to town, staying in cars for many hours and eat + play for the whole holiday~
The weather is super hot x.x Since I can't online at there, I feel like my lifestyle suddenly become healthier!! rofl
dark pillow

Report | 02/24/2015 1:16 pm

dark pillow

Eh. Never saw the appeal. o3o; I don't mind kids, but I don't like them either. Guess it depends on the kid.

Yeah, it is really hard to find haunted places where there aren't other people or stuff that is actually dangerous. :U Like abandonded buildings and such, there is bound to be people living there and god knows what they'll do if you come there unprepared. o.o