About the Gaian: I joined Gaia on March 2004 and my date of birth is December 6, 1989. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University on May 2011 where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. I also studied the Russian language for 5 years and Japanese for 3. I have two wonderful cats named Merlin and Arthur and I've been happily married since December 03, 2013!

Hobbies: I enjoy making fractal art in either Apophysis 7x or Mandelbulb 3D, which I then edit further in GIMP 2. I also enjoy occasionally making various types of origami ornaments (namely Kusudama). Aside from arts and crafts I love playing videogames as well as working out at the gym.

If you want any of my gamer tags please pm me or look at my Raptr page.

Also I am extremely busy and lazy to make my own profile >______< will get around to making one when I can but for now I am going to use a premade layout.


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Yumehearts Report | 11/22/2016 7:34 am
Omg thank you for the huge and generous purchase! Hope you shop again soon. Ty!
Otterly Geeky Report | 04/19/2016 6:17 pm
Thank you for buying.
It's much appreciated.
Have a lovely day.
Flare Kazamata Report | 02/03/2016 11:18 pm
Thx for the buy smile
Emma Dixon Report | 01/01/2016 4:12 pm
Thanks for buying!
w h i m s i c a l mirage Report | 03/10/2013 3:09 pm
ooooh i didn't think about that! Maybe gyarados
will go on a rampage... ninja
w h i m s i c a l mirage Report | 03/04/2013 1:25 pm
teehee heart . Yes, we do! We must continue the Team Rocket like part of the plot! All I remember about that was Tom being mean to his magikcarp sad
w h i m s i c a l mirage Report | 02/26/2013 4:38 pm
k surprised

haha, i mostly skimmed the posts, there is a lot to read! I think I need to make a Tom (rich guy)/ bug catcher?/ haunter? post lol whee
w h i m s i c a l mirage Report | 02/21/2013 9:47 pm
alas! please rest up sad heart

that sounds good for now! I'd love to meet up again

...and i srsly need to write that post for the pokemon rp! i really want to get back to it emotion_kirakira
w h i m s i c a l mirage Report | 02/04/2013 10:23 pm
oooh i see. good luck with training! Sounds like you're really tired though cry .

When does you actual job start? I'm volunteering at the wing luke museum in chinatown tues/wed, and am busy Thursday evening! But, I only volunteer 11-1 those two days, so maybe we can meet up once your job starts? Since you're so busy with training!
w h i m s i c a l mirage Report | 02/03/2013 8:14 pm
congrats on getting the job emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
We still need to hang out! Let me know when you have your schedule emotion_kirakira