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Adventure Log

The musings of Illiana Ma'for; the greatest Bard of the realms! (Or so she thinks)



OOC: Illiana Ma'for is the character of the Gaian user Aelinnis. This profile along with the artwork was made by the wonderful Lady Saxophone and LeAndra Dawn. Please do not steal this profile, artwork, or my character character.

IC: Oh...? Now what brings you to this lovely tavern on this side of town? Surely it wasn't the smell of booze and desperation? Or maybe.... it was something else?

What? Who am I? Oh just a wanderer... I play music and know a few things. Sometimes I provide the occasional help, but not for free! I learned that when you are good at something you never do it for free. But don't worry, my help is worth the price.

Just don't bore the nine hells out of me with some goody-two-shoes quest. I prefer the life of excitement and riches.

So what do you say? Want me to keep you company~?