I may not know where we are, but I certainly know where we're going.

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❧ Lily Adves - The Navigator

❧ Shh. Her first name is a secret. She only reveals it when she's drunk and telling stories.

❧ She's considers herself more of a navigator than a Captain. She would much rather let someone else take charge.

❧ However, most Captains find her difficult to work with. She can both bossy and prissy, refusing to do work she considers "beneath" her.

❧ Despite her prissiness, Adves is very sex positive. She's not ashamed of her desires, and can be rather... liberated.

❧ Her father taught her how to drink, and boy, does she put that to good use.'

❧ The ship is primarily used for transporting cargo, but she will often forget this, and instead change course and use it for science, without telling the Captain. (Who else will update these maps or catalogue this new species?)