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Welcome to Adrien's abode. Curious thing, aren't you?

I would delve into Adrien's dark past, but he currently has a blade at my throat. But what I can tell you about him is that he's suave, sophisticated, and a very, very naughty boy. He basically flirts with anyone, but as of right now, he leads a solitary life.

As for me, I joined Gaia in 2003, but was not active until 2005. My first username was Lenkahnt, shortly after I changed it to The Dark Gentleman. Around 2011 I switched accounts and renamed myself after my OC, Adrien.

Feel free to PM me or comment if you wish to know more. Thanks!


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Flint Jakobs Report | 04/19/2015 11:39 pm
Hey, sorry for the late reply, I've been gone all weekend so I missed out on your contest, heh. Slick's not been on Gaia lately, but she's doing okay last I heard from her. Had a knee injury that she's slowly trying to recover from, although she's still having to go to work with it :/
minghii Report | 04/18/2015 8:35 pm
My friend was extremely generous towards me and gave me this item. I'm really greateful for it whee
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 04/18/2015 3:12 pm
I get it xD pretty funny, total opposite of usual Adrien, it's always fun to do something a little different then the usual thing smile nice work... Going to a convention next week, so I'm a happy camper....
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 04/18/2015 1:06 pm
That's a new look for you,too few can pull off pastel :p how have you been dear? Congrats on the item creation
your neighbor Report | 04/18/2015 12:34 am

I think I have... for now. I like this color scheme waaaay too much.
Lapin Angelique Report | 04/17/2015 8:20 pm
Aye, my big bad wolf. heart You'll have them running for the hills.
Lapin Angelique Report | 04/17/2015 8:17 pm
You're the new alpha around these parts of this frozen tundra.
Lapin Angelique Report | 04/17/2015 8:13 pm
By George, look at my husband. The greatest warrior around.
hiimbeary Report | 04/17/2015 6:17 am
I see! Good luck then, and if I somehow come across another pair, I'll be sure to let you know (if you don't already have them by then). c:

hiimbeary Report | 04/16/2015 11:07 pm
I must say, it doesn't seem like your style! Can I ask if it's for someone else? c:

I happened not to have it and I'm questing for Astras anyway, so in some sense I wouldn't mind keeping it either...