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Hello, and welcome to my profile. Sit down, have a drink. Many drinks.

Although I play a male character, I am female. I am currently 27 years of age. I have been on Gaia since 2003, active since 2005.

I roleplay as my OC Adrien once every thousand years. Long story short, please don't ask me to do it. I love him but I am incredibly inconsistent and lazy.

I will hold a conversation with you about my OC or anything else I fancy, but the chances of me giving a damn beyond the scope of my own interests are slim. I come to Gaia to make items for myself, that's about it. If we have nothing in common and/or you are not open to my interests, chances are I will get bored with you, or dislike you completely. My circle of friends is small.

Just to forewarn you, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, which I have struggled with for years. It makes me a primarily antisocial and cold individual. While I do have a strong sense of humor that shows on occasion, most of it revolves around teasing or completely irreverent silliness, which not everyone enjoys. If you're coming here expecting a compassionate friend, please look elsewhere. I simply do not have the emotional capacity to care about you or your feelings. It's not you, it's me, so please don't be offended.

-eats popcorn while watching people be obsessed with you-

Oh, and for future reference:
1.] (This is me.) - satisfied?
2.] I do not accept random friend requests
3.] Thanking me for buying is pointless, don't do it



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Shiro Snowpaw Report | 10/27/2016 1:20 pm
EYYY I have 3 of your items without knowing you made them.

Very nice!
AstraSage Report | 10/27/2016 6:49 am
Continuing the conversation from the other day, I just saw the Second and Third Episodes of Thunderbolt Fantasy, and as someone familiar with the Fate side of the Type-Moon productions this Show is gonna be a Riot...

And I agree we do need more variety in Robes: Your Cosplay of Shang Bu Huang really wishes for Scruffier Robes.
lR lE lD Report | 10/24/2016 10:53 pm
whoops, correction from my other post on 4th paragraph i think?
i meant to add in there:

what they think is japanese is actually chinese, because they keep making hanfu sleeves and kimono sleeves aren't even shaped like hanfu sleeves. it took them the longest for them to start making the sleeves more squarish.
lR lE lD Report | 10/24/2016 10:47 pm
they only have like 2 avi's that were worth winning top 10, but i doubt they made them by themselves. >__< the real talent is when a person can make a good avi totally by themselves without always needing help. i make my avi's by myself and do not resort to going to avi talk or asking others. when i find out that people's avi's look good because someone else basically help build the whole avi, just saddens me and i no longer look at their avi's with great admiration anymore, because the people that help create it need credit. idk what seash*t is, but if it means crap like 1st place, it sure needs to stop.

sometimes i enter rate threads in cb just for fun to see what the amateurs are up to and whatnot. i mostly just enter their threads with jokes for the hell of it. they rate and critique similar to gaia's contests xD. this is why i stopped entering gaia's avatar contests, because the staff that is holding the contests aren't even good at making avi's. they either have sets on, rally crap, or heavily dependent on arm mod/leg mod.

i lost every contest to a person dressed so basic and the last avi contest i entered, a girl won just because she had an angelic halo on. princess angelishia or whatever her name is has bad judging skills just like the rest of gaia's faculty. i think i have b*shed to them so much till they make sure they do not choose me for any contest. hell i've even lost a drawing contest to people that can barely draw leg and arm proportions to match the body. after that i just called it quits. i even tried to get gaia to make better asian items and to venture out into other cultures but they ignore my posts in the ATA and don't even answer me anymore which tells me that they really hate me from all the b*shing i have done about them not being versatile enough.

hell i'm still waiting on them to make accurate geisha items along with oiran items. most of the kimono that they've made are wrong and they think is japanese is actually chinese. i'm also tired of them always going with the ninja, samurai, tanuki, kitsune etc thing when there are other cool things that they could focus on, but yet they keep making the same crap. they said they did see my oiran thread, but they never made any oiran items after seeing it xD. so it looks like if i ever wanted my item made i would have to get a ticket but i have no money for that. emo

i'm used to getting bad rates from people in forums, because in the past there used to be a bunch of critiquers and all of them except one in the avatar arena forum would rate my avi's 1 - 3. it was rare when i got a 4 or 5 from someone. people mostly rated me on how they felt about me, not how they felt about the entry. i noticed that their friends would always get a high rate, but people that they hated would get low rates. even up till now i still get insulted on the avi's that i make.

just the other day i was told that most of my avi's don't suit a person's taste which is an insult to me. something tells me that if the avi's didn't have my name on it, it would suit their tastes xD because the people that they like have heavily layered avi's as well. i think that by me not leaving the arena and being an arena vet lol it has made some people mad over the years to always see me in the arena.
lR lE lD Report | 10/24/2016 8:36 pm
same here, they have won several times in first place with basic avi's. yet people that have spent loads of time making theirs get low places. rofl welcome to the arena xD the place where bs wins too. no one even commented on the avi, which says a lot. if the person reads this (i'm just telling the flat out truth and calling it the way i see it, because it is an insult to my freaking eyes). i wish there was an arena where people actually gave a care about skilled avi makers and wouldn't dare let basic avi's win EVER. sad part is, there are people that think basic avi's should be able to win just as much as skilled layered avi's. emotion_facepalm

i swear the other day i wasted my time in explaining to a person the difference between easily put together avi's and skilled avi's. when i was done explaining they basically said "all they see are pretty avi's at the end of the day." thinking like that makes me wanna headdesk and laugh myself silly inside a mental hospital. classified_fu people like that i just can't stand, because they just don't get it and its a waste of my time for a person to come to me and want me to critique their avi and then get mad afterwards, because they thought their avi was some good stuff to enter into the arena. -__- nowadays i'm basically like: i don't wanna critique no more avi's because people get in their feels when they expect me to praise them on an avi that took only a minute or 2 to make.

xD they seriously expect me to praise an avi with sets, heavily relies on leg mod/arm mod, a few items with no cleverness whatsoever. -___- its an insult to every skilled avi makers skills to see crap like that win. but nope, people would read this and call me butthurt and the rest of the skilled avi makers as well. i just wanna see fairness in the arena, that's all. emotion_donotwant
AstraSage Report | 10/23/2016 6:48 pm
Well, saw the first episode...

If I didn't have a really important assignment for Tuesday, I would've continued: It's a fun ride.
AstraSage Report | 10/23/2016 4:29 pm

*looks up Info on the show*

They got Urobuchi and Sawano on this?! eek

I'll need to be ready for the rollercoaster...
AstraSage Report | 10/23/2016 4:17 pm
Forgive my curiosity, but I see both your avvy & signature and now I'm wondering about the show they're based on...

I can only guess it's some kind of those Chinese historical soap operas told through puppetry, and now my interest is seriously picked.
Jor the Serpent Report | 10/20/2016 9:22 pm
*slobbers all over your comments section just because*
VVednesdays Report | 10/19/2016 5:41 pm
I have to disagree with you on the first part. Youre pretty damn sweet to me redface lol omg thats hot af

Ah, so we finally meet.
As long as you're here,
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