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    THIS IS A s**t OLD PROFILE/ABOUT ME but I'm too lazy to edit so don't bother reading it, it's all outdated. just talk to me if you wanna know anything. Which you probably don't anyhow. =P Oh, or you can follow me at adririn.tumblr.com8D

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    This profile was done courtesy of the AMAZING and AWESOMESQUE Diagonal Sleeper. <333 Thank you so much forever for such a beautiful profile!!!! *o*

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    Hai there. Call me Adri. <3 And no, Adri is NEVER going to change her name, becuase she has the "~"s in it that no one who makes new accounts these days can have in their name. So, it makes her feel special. :3 Her username is a touch from the past. >B

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    The Best People In The World~ <3

    Lurvely Donaters. If I don't write out what it was you gave me, I can't remember it at the moment ^-^;; Sry. ;-;

    Orianax - 3k

    digispectre - art....and mebbe more ;p

    SnowPheonix - LOTSA stuff....ridiculous amounts of LOT. I can't even count them anymore D: And all nice stuff, too T____T

    Sarake - Pheonix Circlet

    Yunsi - Prisoner B&C, other stuff....? o_O

    Supersnazzi - Gold BFF Heart Chain and Pirate Patch

    [ASu] - Bandage and Hack Rings.... wait, and a COCO KITTY FOR MAI BIRTHDAY???? OMMMMGG And now a Silver Laurels and also the Little Match Girl~!!!! <333

    The Vicious Blue Fox - November 2008 ----> which became Dreamer's Dust xD

    Stacey dono - 10000g and a GGR wheel ----> another 1000g xP

    Piefaise - 10000g

    Kinxed - 5 Coals :3

    Gravifan - 10k

    animer_21 - Lightning Bug!

    Diagonal Sleeper - White Galoshes and Ritzy Pearl Necklace when I most wanted them xDDD <3 ......and not to mention this FRIKKIN AMAZING PROFILE!!!!!!! xDDDD ...And now also the Aekea Tennis Dress ._. .....And now also the Fuzzy Bunny Slippers...ZOMG. And 3 plastic grass....Uum, you're just frikkin amazing. u.u This list is too long. xDD And now a Kottan Bell for my bday~! >w< Luffluffs for you~~! And Maid Shoes. And a Black Umbrella. and Song of the Nightingale!! <333 and now a GIMPI!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333 and Sweet Pea. x3 And Love Wrapped. And Queen Bee! <333

    chucissmelly - Seidh Compass Gen 1!!!! <333333333 TONED KEIDO and Rose Shower~!!! <33 And lotsa random RIG boxes 8D And Checkmate! And Judas Doll! And other things but I lost track! XD

    Aldana - Narwhal Plushie <3

    Hell_Tutor - a pleasant birthday surprise~! Dark Ice! >3<

    AerrowHawk - little random things. Thanks, bro. lol.

    Twilight Blast - Autumn Glory for my birthday~!! <33 Thanks for checking out my wishlist! >3<

    Ramo4000 - Those awesome ZOMG earphones for my bday~!! Awww, thanks!!! <333 And Gothic Veil!! And Winterland Snowball, Wish Upon a Star, and Fausto's Bottle!!! <3333

    Shinichi no Alex Trofimuk - Grilled on my bday~~! ; D TY!

    Yume Yumeh - Bday Tropical Sarong. Thanks!! And Nartian Rock!!!!!! OOO:

    Chibi-Bunni - 3000g 8000g! <33

    Hitoshi Hyuuga - Heavenly Drapes~! >3< And Starfish too OOO; Lufluff~ <3 And Aquatica~!!!!

    jorjorbonks - Inks and bugs and stuffs like that! <3

    GRAY -- skiies & Frequent Design - more inks! Thankyuuu <333

    amusedandconfused - Aquarium Gramster

    Unphotographable - Snowflake Accessory ~!!

    novocaine; Luna Incense Bundle and Charming Blush~! <33333333

    Boba Milk Tea; Princess Kaguya!!

    Anonymous Benefactor - Time Piece, Western Zodiac, Pora Ice, My Friend Cupid, Mythrill Armor, Plasma Gear, and Solar Headdress. All in one day. D: Who are you??? Tell me please?? T~T I need to thank you......Dx I know that you have something to do with Dia. ninja Whoever you are.....thank you. ~<3

    Another Anonymous Benefactor - Green Corallus Egg <3

    Am I forgetting anyone?! DDD;