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"Have I lost my mind...?"

'Sup Jackasses...

Addy | Harshly Vulgar | Insane | Flawed

Happily in Love & Taken.~

I tend to be an a*****e, but I'm no worse than others.
Not really a people-person. I can be laid-back, until I kick negative moods.
I'm a bit uninteresting, when I'm not- it's probably because I'm under the influence...
I love dark humor, not going to lie. The more brutally gruesome,
the ******** better.
Horror/Gore related subjects intrigue the ******** out of me;
kind of Skull-obsessed.
I do like some less gruesome s**t, don't be afraid to ask?

Multilingual. Nocturnal. Bassist. Avid-drinker. Writer/Artist.
Gamer. Varied Metal/Rock/Punk listener.
That's about it..?


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