I suppose it’s time that I update this little portion. Every time I make an about me, I always think (at the time) the words and notion so clever; Yet after a year or so, I always find those very words cringe worthy, and ultimately, pretentious. Warning for the wary, these tend to be written longer than originally intended. If you continue, then I commend you. Though, I suppose you could always read this for some sleeping material.

My nickname is affectionately known as Krissy - - admittedly, I prefer it to be used by friends, family, and partner than my given name. c: I joined Gaia towards the end of October, 2004. I suppose that may make me an ‘oldbie’, though I hardly consider that an accomplishment all things considered. I have been known as a few different usernames, including (but not limited to) Alexara, Cuddle Bunneh, Krissy`, though my Alexara account is somewhere in the abyss of ‘lost passwords’. There were no ‘precious’ items located on that account, though it does tend to eat at me that I cannot remember the password or e-mail linked to said account. Regardless, this account has been my main for a number of years.

I do recall joining Gaia, having not a clue as to what an avatar site was. It truly fascinated me and became enthralled in role-playing. The very notion that I had to surrender the control of another writher’s character was an interesting and surreal notion at the time, as at the time, I had only written short stories. And thus, I engaged in a large role-playing thread where silly and serious moments could intertwine. I admit, I would like to avoid reading my old replies, as like my biography, I find them a bit embarrassing, but at the time, it was my pride and joy.

As I continued on, I found my interest in role-playing had, in a way, diminished. I could easily say that I lost interest purely because I lacked focus, but in truth, I’m sure it had more to do with just being burned out. After spending so much time doing one task after another, that seems to be a reaction that snaps in my head quite often and I withdraw.

So, to sate my hunger for discussions (and too terrified of the chatterbox) I ventured to guilds. After a bit, I became a Site Moderator. Sadly, my time on Gaia was shortened do to unforeseeable life-happenings and I made the choice to step down. That being said, I have been a staff member on several other avatar sites, as I seem to have this silly notion in my brain to try and make a difference in helping a community. xD

Personality wise, I am a self confident person when it comes down to it, but I am also equally humble. I enjoy helping others when I can, but I do know how to stand my ground when it comes down to it. I have a small passion in terms of reading, writing, painting, pixeling… pretty much anything to do with the arts. c: I have a full time job, working 40 hours a week, and after only being at said job for 3 months, I became the head trainer of the department.

That’s not to say that I have complete patience. There’s a time and place to lose that notion and I do tend to be a bit vocal in things I wholeheartedly believe in. That’s not to say that I am or always will be correct. I just tend to stand up for what I feel is right, be it if a person mistreats myself or others.

Whelp, I guess that's it for the moments. c: If I need to add more, I will. Thank you all for reading.


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Yeah so...fangirling over this avatar. <3

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Ty ty
Kingly King Gideon

Report | 11/12/2014 3:53 pm

Kingly King Gideon

Yeah, me too, my shop has been open rarely this year, so i have no clue what gold's worth any more, so i'm only really going for the items on my bribe list, and people with cool characters, of course cat_wink
Kingly King Gideon

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Kingly King Gideon

Well they are open at the moment emotion_dowant
Kingly King Gideon

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Kingly King Gideon

Oh, thank you so much!! heart (。・//ε//・。)

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Oh noes D8 heart

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I guess it could be considered lurking what I've been doing...
But I haven't been silent. Just more so behind the scenes now.
I'm sure you understand. wink

It's great to hear from you though!
Any place on Gaia you frequent now?
I have been hoping something would come to capture my attention soon.

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i would have way too many to rearrange D:

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Yea... XD
some day i'll deal with it.

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Oh yea i'm making a new one someday just havent decided on a username nor had the time honestly ...XD


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