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adorkapple's avatar

Uh... Hi.
I'm a dork-apple, this is my profile aaand I don't know what I should say here.
Who're you, anyway?

...Okay okay, since this is my profile, let's talk about me first for a bit... umm... I have no idea what would interest you, but I'll try to come up with something.

I aaam from northern Europe, time zone GMT +2. Chances are I'm older than you.
I've got plenty of nicknames, such as Apple, Adorka, Dorka, Dorki, Dork, Adora and so forth. You can just go ahead and pick one, I don't mind. Or heck, why not give me a new one? I'd like that, actually.

As far as character goes, I'm a quiet one. You can probably tell that already. I can be pretty interesting when I feel comfortable, though. I'm also quite reasonable, down-to-earth, relaxed, quirky and very open-minded. For example, I don't care about what's in your pants. I also don't care if you care about what's in mine. It's my business.
...Yeah, so I can be rather private, too.

I love apples. Apples always make me feel better. My goal in life is to be to others what apples are to me: a calming, energizing, refreshing and naturally sweet influence. (Sounds kinda cheesy, now I think about it. What the heck though - I like cheese. Especially with apples.) Then of course some are bound to be allergic to me too, but that's just life, isn't it?
I'm Red Delicious with a heart of Jonagold - no Granny Smith in me!
I'm very fond of words. I like to find out their original meanings, and how the words in one language compare to words in another. It's fascinating to me.
When inspiration strikes I write poems, but sadly these days that happens all too rarely.
Tea is another thing of mine. I drink way more tea than I should.

I don't make friends easily, but I stick to 'em when I do. Especially my lovely Soul Twin Opal and precious Wonderland Sister Pearly. We are inseparable. You just deal with it. <3

More than anything in the world, I want to swim with whales.

...So there's a few conversation starters, I guess.
Now, if you wanna get even, why not shoot a PM my way or just tap me on the shoulder and start a conversation. I'm usually more friendly in person than like this - leaving a message to a random someone who's stumbled across my profile.
Life being what it is, I hang out on Towns a lot less than I used to nowadays, but you still might spot me there especially on the weekends, most probably with some of my favorite people.

This might already be quite a bunch of text, but still, if you got the feeling that I should add something to it, anything else you'd like to know, just ask and I'll sure consider it!

See you round! o7

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II Dark_Clouds II Report | 10/28/2014 4:02 pm
II Dark_Clouds II
Hey pudding apple fairy yum_puddi
wuts gudh?
II Dark_Clouds II Report | 10/28/2014 8:21 am
II Dark_Clouds II
II Dark_Clouds II Report | 10/26/2014 11:16 am
II Dark_Clouds II
cat_question cat_neutral
II Dark_Clouds II Report | 10/26/2014 8:15 am
II Dark_Clouds II
The Dapper Lunatic Report | 10/19/2014 8:20 am
The Dapper Lunatic
Looking spooky... whee
The Dapper Lunatic Report | 10/08/2014 10:44 am
The Dapper Lunatic
That's good though! o: I'm proud of ya! emotion_hug
Reaver the Reaper Report | 10/07/2014 7:15 pm
Reaver the Reaper
thanks, also another item, iam trying to find, is barely in the marketplace, and its Fraulein Marzen, oh hey there 5 of them, but they are soo out of my price range right now
Reaver the Reaper Report | 10/07/2014 11:08 am
Reaver the Reaper
Thanks for replying, but i got the ite.iwanted from a friend, but may I ask you something? If u happen to get dirge tunes, would let me know and willy to trade, it's one of last 2 items I need for my cosplay, but it's barely In marketplace, and i do understand how u feel about the items and trading
The Dapper Lunatic Report | 10/06/2014 8:02 am
The Dapper Lunatic
Oh hello, litte apple! emotion_hug I'm good. How about? emotion_kirakira
Mearcyn -x- TC Report | 10/03/2014 6:45 am
Mearcyn -x- TC
Aw thank you! I really wanted the rain all over my page but I couldn't find a good gif. I've been doing alright, busy as usual. Probably gonna find a new job~ Glad things are alright with you!

~ Avi Art ~

by -I- Opal Opulence -I-

by LegionofOreos

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