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Hello! I'm Abraham, you may call me Abe if you'd like.
Yes, I AM MALE. Sorry if my personality/avatar tricked you.

I am part Mexican(mom) and part Guatemalan(dad) but I'm often mistaken as asian.
I speak English and Spanish and would love to speak another language some day.

I love to read, draw, and play pokemon(ftw) on my down time.

I LOVE starbucks so much. You'll most likely catch me having one at least once week... or maybe two. Hehe.

I would also like to give a big shout out to terichi for being such an amazing friend! Without you, I probably would have been long gone years ago.
But because of you, I stood up and have decided to continue on this site. :3 <3

Feel free to stop by and leave me a comment-- ♥