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Speak to me my lovelies. <3

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High On Music Report | 09/15/2014 4:20 pm
Love the avatar!
Artificially Angelic Report | 09/06/2014 9:18 pm
oooh, I love your avi!
Torse Report | 09/06/2014 9:37 am
That skin... with those wings

hananoichigo Report | 08/21/2014 9:22 am
^_^ heading out and you were awesome to chat with so thought i would send ya something, best of luck!
hananoichigo Report | 08/21/2014 9:16 am
open a trade with me ^_^
hananoichigo Report | 08/21/2014 9:06 am
that would rock! i only read it because my parents have the full set (i do too but i had to buy it... mommy wouldnt give em to me...) kinda want to see em make a show for it, but they would prolly ruin it anyways...

on WoW i have found 1 other person in like 5 years that knows it...
hananoichigo Report | 08/21/2014 8:51 am
holy crap, someone else has read those books?! i thought so but i keep finding people who get it from somewhere else... Morrolan e'Drien is my favorite xD
hananoichigo Report | 08/21/2014 8:44 am
where did you get the "lavode" in your name?
SkyeTheFox Report | 08/16/2014 6:23 pm
Thanks for the buy!
Kaiyko Whispers Report | 08/16/2014 5:41 pm
gaia_angelleft Thanks for buying! Enjoy your purchase~ gaia_angelright


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