My name is Sam... There really isn't much to me beyond books, music, art, faith and sound reasoning.
Learning is my hobby... I have house rules, but I basically say yes to really any new experience for the sake of having entitlement to an opinion that I could give honestly when requested upon (-Takes in deep breath- Kinda a long sentence)...Anyways. Respect is worth more to me than someone liking me... But just as anyone else...all I really want is love and acceptance. For those who are curious, wouldn't mind knowing, or don't really care, I am not available (relationship status).
I work as an appointment organizer for a Heating and Air conditioning company...pretty ordinary job. To pass the time when i'm not working, I Google anything and everything...(My ambition in life is to be like Google). I Sing loudly in my room and play the piano...all day long until my youngest brother sits on my hands and I freak out that his butt is touching me, or my parents yell at me to stop. I read manga that I check out from the library and I enjoy drawing... not the best at it, I must be honest. Back to music...You find a variety of genres on my Spotify playlist. I believe I have over 1,800 songs all revolving around Reggae, all forms of Rock music (the exception of death metal), Classical, Piano, Celtic, some Electronica... maybe even some stuff from the 80's...but mostly rock...to be more specific, Punk, Metal, Classical, Alternative and yes...Pop Rock..."Punk" Pop rock... Oh...and I also la-la-la love cats. I have one inside Cat named Puddin, and two outside cats, Quinn Mabel and Simbah. Lastly~Plant life and Rocks, uh...I hate to sound like a typical girly-girly but I do love my flowers...and Cacti, I use to have a collection of Hibotans a.k.a Moon Cacti. I've always wanted to work in an orchard or even better... as an arborist...botanist...geologist...Uh. The list goes on...In a different life I suppose i'll accomplish more... (-sighs-) Anyways~
I know that later in my life I will change... till then here is what I am now... 18 with a clue to who I am, where I want to go, who I want to be...be with...clueless about everyone else.
Thanks For reading~
Sammie Keys


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Madame Misfit

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Madame Misfit

Good. I thought you said you were taking a break from gaia or something and I was sad. I did get to leave a good bye comment and I though that's the pretty fay avatar would be parted and sold and and Wahhh! gonk

But I see you are here so Yay! blaugh
Madame Misfit

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Madame Misfit

Oh Thanks! There's so little. xp

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Oh thank you for friending me, last time I tried to reply to you it wouldn't let me and said "Profile isn't available to the public"
and I was like "Oh....okay....I see how it is... crying "
also I was going to say, I've wanted to live in Canada as well, but I am unsure I'll ever be able to, I might settle for one day moving to Colorado because it is nice there.
I enjoy the mountains.

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I see I see, I played piano once but never did get around to practicing enough to even come close to calling myself good. rolleyes
I am from Florida, worst state of the USA, BECAUSE the weather is terrible, Hot, cold, hot cold, raining, not raining, 5 seconds later, POURING, no wait, the sun is out and there are no clouds....
Ugh, and the humidity, is always terrible. Just... scream
Born and raised here, Not gonna die here. stare
One day I'll move....I have no idea when but I will!

how about you?

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I see, well that is nice, You seem like a good person, and I am sure you do have talents.
I wanted to be a dog groomer once, but I ended up getting into Animal Control quite easily since my father works for the sheriff's office.
I enjoy drawing, I am not that good though. I also like to sing, I've been told I am a good singer. I just enjoy it.
I am also good with animals, and working in the miserable place that I do, I am at least good at not loosing the care.
Sure a lot of them die, but I have the power to save some of them, and I do all I can to make any animals that come in, feel like someone cares.
I figure, they need that, a lot of people have to have cold hearts to be able to work there, but I don't have a cold heart.
mmh. I tend to stray towards that subject. Hard not to though since it is where I work.
oh I also like to write stories, and Role Play. Creating stories is one of my very favorite things to do.


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mmh, Who am I, Well I consider myself
A person with an open mind and an open heart,
I am Asexual. Which means I have no desire for sex, and I never plan on having it with anyone.
I do like dark things, I like wearing dark clothes, but I am not really so dark of course
I am 20, I consider my soul to be Genderless, but of course my body does have a gender, I have nothing to hide, so I will share it, it's female.
My name in real life is Kelsea, Not that fitting for me, in my opinion, hah, that is why I rather you call me Miz, after my character's name.
I always try to be an honest person, in the past I wasn't, ...
but now I know if I do not wish to share something, I can just simply say I do not wish to share it. Instead of making up some silly lie to cover up the truth.
I work as an Animal Control officer, in the kennels.
I tend to see animals die on a daily bases. Which has made me feel that any death should be treated respectfully.
You don't want me to get too into talking about what happens in my job, it is just not a happy place.
Except the adoptions and the rescue groups that stop by, though enough about that.
I suppose I am going on some sort of rant about myself here, When one asks who someone is,
Well there is a lot that makes up who I am.
I can only say so much.
I am me. as you can see I am not afraid to share plenty about myself.
I enjoy new friends that seem kind, You seem kind so far.
Anything you wanna share about yourself?


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I suppose so, if we speak ooc, I base all my characters off of parts of myself.
Their personalities each hold a part of my own.
I am glad you take interest.

Exactly what is it you wish to know about it?


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