Welcome! You're probably here because you want to know who I am, what I'm about and stuff like that. So I'll tell you a little.

`I HATE illiteracy, some chatspeak is okay, but when someone types like a preschooler, it really gives me the impression of them being an idiot.
`I also hate people who talk in caps. Really now?
`I absolutely LOVE Paul Simon and his music.
`You'll probably see me in the AT or CB. Or the Exchange. Many times I'm just lurking.
`I would say I'm a bit shy, but I have a good amount of friends.
`I'm a kind of a tomboy. I don't like to be girly girly, I don't wear dresses or skirts that often.
`I'm Asian. Well not completely.
`Yeah, I'm a teenage girl.
`I consider my self intelligent, but you could try to prove me wrong.
`I will ask the stupidest questions.
`If you are still reading this, I guess you're really interested in me, huh?

My current project:
-Getting some nice avi art ^_^

My avi arts:

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I highlighted. Then I freaked out. Then I commented :3
Peaches and Screams

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Peaches and Screams

I highlighted your signature, way to trick me.

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I highlighted your sig XD

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highlighted sig do i get a prize
Misha Collinz

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Misha Collinz

Sig has been highlighted.
blunder bee

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blunder bee

i highlighted your sig redface

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In soviet russia sig highlights you! scream
but here on Gaia it was me who highlighted yer sig *shrug* oh the joys of geography...
Burn Halo

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Burn Halo

hi you purchased a profile from me a while ago just want to let you know to save the image because they will be erased in 48 hours
I use imageshack, its free and simple to use i advice you to make an account here and save it there ...

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