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"The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a powerful mutant telepath who can transform herself into organic diamond. She has become an eminent member among the X-Men. A gifted teacher, Emma is renowned for her beauty, wit, and revealing attire."


Emma Grace Frost grew up in the rich neighborhood of Snow Valley, Massachusetts as the daughter of a wealthy, albeit abusive father. She developed her powers while under pressure from her father to succeed. Emma blackmailed her father after he got a professor who she was romantically linked with fired. Despite her father being upset, he decided she was smart and offered her to take over the family business, but Emma declined preffering to make her fortune herself. Emma left her family and joined the radical mutant group, the Hellfire Club. After spending a stint as the “White Queen,” she later defected to the X-Men to lead the team.

Current events

After the events of the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier, Scott has shut down his school and transferred the students to the Jean Grey Institute. Emma questions Scott about the revolution and what it truly meant. She suggests they start all over. Scott shoots her down, but Emma reveals her powers have returned and that he is conflicted about her and that she is to him as well. She wishes him good luck and she leaves the school. Emma visits the Jean Grey School and participates in the trial of Beast. She then goes with every one in the school to Cyclops' final mutant rally where all mutants are united without harming anyone, and doing so in Washington D.C..


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Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 09/12/2016 1:04 pm
Cross L Hariko MK2
Natasha C Romanoff Report | 06/18/2016 2:12 am
Natasha C Romanoff
It matches indeed biggrin
Natasha C Romanoff Report | 06/17/2016 11:00 am
Natasha C Romanoff
Yes it is! Thank you. I knew it was Del Rey, but had no idea which song
Natasha C Romanoff Report | 06/17/2016 10:32 am
Natasha C Romanoff
Hello Emma!
I was wondering what do you have as your profile music? whee
Max Level 0 Report | 06/08/2016 6:12 am
Max Level 0
Mrs Scarlet Witch Report | 06/07/2016 6:38 pm
Mrs Scarlet Witch
hm well I couldn't find any decent pants items but I did find a couple of good leg mods!
Mrs Scarlet Witch Report | 06/07/2016 6:07 pm
Mrs Scarlet Witch
Hey Emma! Did you still need anymore leg suggestions?
I hate Exumer Report | 06/06/2016 10:17 pm
I hate Exumer
Hey you~
The Strange Doctor Report | 05/29/2016 7:41 pm
The Strange Doctor
Well hello miss Emma. I see you are beautiful as ever. How are you in this fine day?
Cross L Hariko MK2 Report | 05/29/2016 1:59 pm
Cross L Hariko MK2
Then at least skype me more :c


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