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brian, 24 years old, i live in ohio
i'm a straight cis white male shitlord
i play video games and get online a lot
also like to read books, watch movies/tv and stuff like that
rick and morty, south park, always sunny in philadelphia are awesome and you should watch them
we could probably get along unless you try to force something political or religious down my throat, though i like debating politics sometimes
( ゜▽゜)ノ

also note that i don't get online much
i mostly comment but replies are suuuuuuuper slow

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and i don't remember the names of the artists that did my avi art on this profile, except the bright blue gif was by Neka_Nyaka

Princess Cakesuu

profile looks best in chrome

all this is old art ---->

my girlfriend and i
she's the most bestest
i love her (◡‿◡✿)