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My name is Amaya. I'm 20 years old. I live in San Diego, California. I'm In A Relationship with the sweetest guy in the whole wide world.

I love to read, write, draw, watch old movies, listen to music, play xbox {Mostly Left4Dead}, & Play zOMG.

Here's some Art That I've made and some that's been made for me.
Art made by Amaya
Art made for Amaya

I happened to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world.
Her name is Whitney.
We've been married since October 11th of 2009.
Here's some pics.
Starting with one of the most important, our wedding photo.

Whitney & Whitney & Whitney & Whitney
Whit & Me Alice X Hatter Art & Whitney And I, My doodle & Whit and Me Alice X Hatter Screenie

I have some of the best friends I could ask for in the world.

Luisa, whose an amazingly talented artist, but also extremely sexy.
Luisa <3

Isaiah, This is my best friend whose been my best friend for a very long time. I trust him with everything. He's a gamer but also an artist.
Isaiah & My BFF doodle & Sword screenies & Naked Besties screenie

Niki, Basically she's my sister. She's just like my older sister.

Justin, Is the one guy I trust to have my back during the Zombie Apocalyspe.

Here's some pictures of My Babies
Oreo // Oreo
Attie // Attie
Trixxie // Trixxie
Raven // Raven
Archimedes // Archimedes
Seraphina // Seraphina

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I ******** LOVE DISNEY.

Acidic Amaya is on Hiatus till 2k15 due to stress and work.

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