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Report | 07/10/2014 12:44 pm


No problemo. Good luck, Rhea!
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Report | 07/10/2014 11:51 am

Musical Trinkets

You're welcomeee!~ <33

jhgfcjhfd I really hope you get it. That title is perfect for Rhea. <33
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Report | 07/10/2014 10:55 am

Slick Southpaw

you are most welcome c:
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Report | 07/09/2014 9:38 pm

Mississippi Black Velvet

You're welcome. Good luck, Rhea. :3
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Report | 07/09/2014 9:19 pm

Johannes Cabal

That's the hardest part. "But what if I neeeeeeed it?!"
Or "what if it goes up?!"
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Report | 07/09/2014 8:49 pm

Johannes Cabal

Pfftt, I had a feeling she was about to use that sword on whoever threw the shell.
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Report | 07/09/2014 8:12 pm

Johannes Cabal

It was good. Work was long, but Tank's better, and dinner was good. (Ate way too much then chocolate cake and urghhhhh)
It was a good birthday.
And thank you for the gift. Cab actually looks good with the light blue eyes. I wish we had it as a store color.
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Report | 07/09/2014 8:00 pm

Johannes Cabal

Thank you!
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Report | 07/09/2014 5:48 pm


I would love a Diedrich Halo for the human base!
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Report | 07/09/2014 5:44 pm


Thanks for teh gift, RB! It's nice to find more Diedrich items!
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Report | 07/09/2014 9:40 am


That would be awesome! GIVE ME ALL THE BUGGIES!
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Report | 07/09/2014 9:24 am


Wow! Thank you so much for the nice bug!
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Report | 07/09/2014 8:58 am


Crazy. O.O
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Report | 07/09/2014 8:49 am


Thank you! o.o

Where did that come from?
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Report | 07/08/2014 8:33 pm

Johannes Cabal

Thank god for Gaia's questionable recolors too. neutral

Good luck with that. sweatdrop
Alrighty, peace out!
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Report | 07/08/2014 8:12 pm

Johannes Cabal

I've decided that bribing myself with an apartment and furniture is the best way to keep myself from buying a hundred dozen gold crappers for whatever 'kickstart' thing they come up with.

Ew, bummer. Has it been really windy since that storm the other day?
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Report | 07/08/2014 7:58 pm

Johannes Cabal

Yeah, I got a call at work from Mom "Hey, I didn't lay out anything for dinner, so we'll probably have pizza. By the way, the dumbass almost died, tell you about it later."

*nod* I can deal with these. I'm not too sore if I don't get the others.
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Report | 07/08/2014 7:48 pm

Johannes Cabal

It better be. emotion_donotwant After Tank nearly did himself in yesterday, we've had all our excitement.
(Long story short: He got too excited about going to the vet, he gave himself a pulmonary aspiration and passed out after he got home. Took him back to the vet. He's fine now, but nearly gave us all a heart attack.)

Nah, I got the achievement and the first item. I'm good.
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Report | 07/08/2014 7:25 pm

Johannes Cabal

Okay. Winding down. It's been a long week already.
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Report | 07/08/2014 7:41 am

Incorrigible King Rusty

((Just a matter of time. wink ))
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