Name: Rora Fae
Age: In twenties
Height: 5'1 1/2"
Race: Combination fried rice. But considered a Peruvian/American.
Loves in life: God, Family, Friends, Animals, Singing, Traveling, Faeries, Butterflies, Cheesy movies, Making new friends, and etc.
Favorite color: Blueeee all kinds of blue. And a blue/green.
Dislikes: Confrontation, Making choices, Spicy spicy food, and making people upset.

Current Mood: Happy with life.

PM me: to find out more, I always love receiving art as well as giving it contact me for more information.

Random Rora fact of the day:
I have a pet rabbit named Sargent McFluffy Butt
He is starting to train for bunny hop competitions. Beware!

Used to do art, PM me if you want to see samples.


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LiviInLove Report | 04/24/2015 11:31 pm
A step at a time is all we can do sometimes.
That's how I feel right now. My brain is just going "Omg, how can my baby be almost one?!" Becca will be 4 in June! eek
Yep, not that she'll remember it, but we'll be taking lots of pictures and here's to hoping that she'll be up for smashing some cake.

A day at a time is how I have to take the entire month of March. I'm just glad that's over and behind us - at least until next year.
That's good that you're almost caught up - we've had a few months like that, and trying to play catch up is crazy stressful.
Hopefully restructuring your budget will help and it won't happen again! :]
LiviInLove Report | 04/22/2015 8:54 am
Thanks hon. It's been hard on us all. But we're doing our best.
That's all we can do. emotion_hug
We're all doing great, getting ready for Soph's first birthday which is coming up in just a matter of weeks! eek
HOW CAN SHE BE ALMOST ONE?! But other than that, just dealing with the shock of that, we're fine! smile

How have you been? smile
LiviInLove Report | 04/18/2015 12:26 am
emotion_hug Sorry to hear about your grandfather. sad I recently lost my nan and granddad a month apart. It's hard, and I can so relate to missing them. emotion_hug
Bane Skyewillow Report | 02/20/2015 10:25 am
hey hey! How've you been?!
~Da llama queen~ Report | 12/28/2014 8:47 am
heart heart heart
~Da llama queen~ Report | 12/27/2014 8:06 pm
DeathbyPlot Report | 12/10/2014 6:26 am
Fixing account. Just a test message.
Jappo-kun Report | 10/03/2014 6:07 pm
Aw -hugs- dun go to burn-outville . bad things happen there, not for the likes of faeshies xD stress-filled move? Or almost done?
Jappo-kun Report | 09/17/2014 10:09 am
:glomps le fae: How's it going faeshie? c:
Jappo-kun Report | 09/10/2014 5:41 am
n.n -pet pet- private jet with a dew collie on the tail XD

Aw dun look like either of us are having much luck in that department atm lol. Yea she lives about an hour away too and works days whilst I'm on nights lol. Aw well there's always some kind of silver lining, its just a case of blasting through the rest of the cloud go find it n.n bit like a plane xD

Yea all it takes is for her to see a message or post from my friend on facebook and the mood changes. She tries to make it out as a joke but its obvs its not lol :/

Aw good luck faeshie c: You can do it ^^ if I was closer id lend a paw n.n but let me know if I can help c:

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