Name: Rora Fae
Age: In twenties
Height: 5'1 1/2"
Race: Combination fried rice. But considered a Peruvian/American.
Loves in life: God, Family, Friends, Animals, Singing, Traveling, Faeries, Butterflies, Cheesy movies, Making new friends, and etc.
Favorite color: Blueeee all kinds of blue. And a blue/green.
Dislikes: Confrontation, Making choices, Spicy spicy food, and making people upset.

Current Mood: Slowly recovering from sledding accident.

PM me: to find out more, I always love receiving art as well as giving it contact me for more information.

Random Rora fact of the day:
Water is my choice of drink usually.

Have joined a joint freebie art shop!
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outlaw trinidy Report | 08/10/2014 3:04 pm
be jelly of my new profile~
Nyxsirisa Report | 07/29/2014 11:17 pm
Thanks for the well wishes! And the kickstarter is running for the next 24 days, until August 23rd. The suggestions said to go 30 days or less, so I figured... why not 25 days to go with my title '250 characters or more'? (ofc; writing this, it's already down to 24 and a handfull of hours).
Nyxsirisa Report | 07/29/2014 9:43 pm
Aww thank you so much for passing around my kickstarter link! <3 <3 And yeah, it's been ages! I've been off and on myself, mostly my time is eaten up by RL. Looooooots of life changes over the last year or so, and I've been struggling with finances pretty hard too. There just aren't many part time minimum wage jobs within range of where I live, and most of them are being given to the unemployed parents and what not. Not a good time for minimum wage. While that tablet will really help me get commissions done faster, my main goal is really just to get my art out there and find a wider range of people who might order art from me... Right now, my artwork is one of the few ways I have of making any money at all - that, and babysitting. <3
Jappo-kun Report | 07/26/2014 10:04 am
:glomps le fae: pirate
Lost Melfanian Report | 07/16/2014 11:33 am
Can't be all logic all the time. o':

And, yay! xD!
Lost Melfanian Report | 07/16/2014 11:05 am
Gym's probably a good idea. xD;
Ye're gonna take a ton of pictures (as usual) so us boring "can't/won't get out of the house and do stuff ourselves" people can live vicariously through you, right? :'D <3 <3

*turns in rotating chair to follow said spinning* ou o
... *stops when it gets nauseating* xu x;;
Lost Melfanian Report | 07/16/2014 10:55 am
Aw~ *squishes!* <3
I miss you too, Fae-fae.

Hope ye'll have tons o' fun on yer hikin' trip that I backread about. > w<;;
Lost Melfanian Report | 07/16/2014 10:12 am
Thanks for the random gift, fae.
lol. *snugsnug* <3 <3
Laugh Now Die Later Report | 02/08/2014 2:44 am
I am alright~ you?
Laugh Now Die Later Report | 12/28/2013 3:33 pm
Hallo cat_3nodding