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Media: Bleach- Torn Apart I don't own it

Bio of this Dingus☄

I'mstraight & single
Why? Relationships are full of lies and sh** and
deception 50% Dead correct or Alive and happyily in love
Either way, good for you. Conclusion: Love is a lie (in my eyes)
However, if you sucessfully found it, good for you. I
respect that. Now stop calling me bitter and rude DAMMIT!

XVIII-18-year old
Female~ often mistaken for a guy, no worries though my fault i guess for not being your definition of girl. Sorrynotsorry : P
50% Boyish emotion_smilies/icon_brofist.gif + 50% Girlish yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif personality.I am split, Though one side may show more than the other. I'm kinda reserved a bit. I can be a colorful box
of unknown biz, cold, kind, negative, brother you name it
In short I'm a fookin' depressed mess : p

I could be a lotus a bright flower residing in the darkest of places or a tulip just making others feel happy. I don't see myself as others see me. Honestly, I hate myself, but surprisingly I still hang on and do the shik I'm s'possed to do

Hobbies:Manga, Anime, Asian Dramas(don't judge me emotion_smilies/icon_0A0.png ), Videogames(no CoD, younger kids ruined it along w/ other shooters. So RPGs to some dating sims-- no more jumpscare games, I get paranoid) Sleeping. Art


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Mister Mischievous
-Aries Usagi-

Be numb and advance.

Best Bud, M'lord snake goober frye

You're taking the time to look at boring old me? And you survived? Congrats.

<-Mushimoo Couple-->
Sadly, I am their friend...
lol jk they okay
Maybe I'm half jokin...
<.< >.>