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Yo! I am a straight XVIII(18 ) year old female with a 50% Boyish emotion_smilies/icon_brofist.gif and my 50% Girlish yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif personality.I am split. Low self-esteemed and self-hating, you might barely see it though. I'm somewhat socially awkward till I feel comfortable...:< I am slowly improving > I procrastinate occasionally... I emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif you in the most friendliest way. Be lucky cause I don't even love myself but I'll love you as a best friend and try to make you smile I'll never try to hurt you like have been hurt.
Love doesn't love me, but I'm still the fool.

Hobbies:Manga, Anime, Asian Dramas(don't judge me emotion_smilies/icon_0A0.png ), Videogames(no CoD, younger kids ruined it along w/ other shooters. So RPGs to some dating sims-- no more jumpscare games, I get paranoid) Sleeping. Art

Mister Mischievous
-Aries Usagi-

Yet I shall love them
and make them smile. Sacrifice
my own for theirs

Everyone can have my heart,
I'd be a fool to use it...
All I need is a mask. Action!

I don't give a damn who or what you are...

As long as you care, I'll give
you whats left of my heart,
so you can be my heart.

They are my heart.
A reason while I'm still here

Maybe I'll be taught
how to love myself someday...

So I can smile honestly...
and not overthink things.

My negativity and optimism make me contradictory..

I don't think I was meant to be happy...but it's okay.

I belong here...

99% Semi-ight: imperfect,
bad...useless...many more
...but I'm decent
I am just me in the end.