Name :: Megan Napier
Age :: Nineteen
Aliases :: Ace of Gotham, Ace
Identity :: Secret
Affiliation :: Batman Family
Alignment :: Good
Weight :: 14O lb
Height :: 5' 8"
Eyes :: Blue
Hair :: Black
Occupation :: Waitress
Martial Status :: Single

Past ::
When only eight years old, Megan Napier had lost both her parents due to mob affiliations. Being poor meant her father had to make sacrifices and take a chance to try and obtain a better life; one that didn't involve renting a cheap, run down apartment in the middle of Downtown Gotham. He had quit his job at a local chemical plant to pursue the career of a comedian. He quickly came to regret that decision, as no one was impressed. There was no way in hell they'd rehire him-- not like that job was exactly safe, anyway. With no job and no relatives (that really cared about him, anyway), his next bright idea was to contact a well-known. lowlife mob member about robbing his way to the rich life. The plan was made to steal the payroll from his old job at the Ace Chemical Plant. Eventually, Megan's mother found out, begging him to cancel all plans and suggested other ways to make money. By that time, he had realized it was a terrible idea to even think of stealing from his old job, and tried canceling plans with the mob over the phone. They 'agreed', and everything seemed normal and calm for the next couple of days, until her father managed to score a job interview with a small company. Upon returning that night, he found no trace of his wife or daughter-- only a note, ordering him to be at the chemical plant before midnight if he wanted to see his loved ones again.

A man by the name of Oliver Hammet had knocked out his wife and tied up Megan in an empty apartment room next door to theirs. Hammet's plan was to set the room ablaze, in hopes that it'd not only kill the two, but maybe even destroy more lives in rooms nearby. He tampered with the oven and set it to allow him to escape- and while he wasn't looking- Megan, as well. Her upper body strength showed potential, though, at that age, wasn't well trained. The cheap rope she had been tied up with easily slid off, but left burns and bruises on her arms and wrists. The child managed escape the building, before the top floor had literally exploded- ash, smoke, and brick fell around her. No doubt anyone on that floor-- or anyone under that room, even-- had been burnt to a crisp.

That night ended in a trip to the station, with Megan heading home with her 'richer and better than everyone' uncle afterwards. With her mother dead and father missing, she was allowed to stay at the house until the father was found, according to police. However, she grew into her teenage years still living in that house and believing that her father was dead, too. It's what her uncle had convinced her into believing, stating that 'any man like that would not survive that long on the streets and he'd be looking for you if he actually were alive- or cared.' Though, an arrogant man, he cared for Megan like his own daughter, enrolling her in the best schools- and martial arts programs. He was a sucker for promoting strength and defense, and after what had happened, he wanted to make sure she'd be able to care for herself if ever back in Gotham as an adult.

At the age of eighteen, she moved out of the house and headed back into Gotham with enough money to rent a small but well-kept house in a safe neighborhood in the city.

Personality ::
Despite being friendly, Megan is very detached. She doesn't make close relationships with anyone and those that she has are very old ones or ones with Bruce and Tim. She's very loyal, intelligent, and independent, but also very stubborn, unpredictable, and aloof.

Abilities ::
- Peak of human physical condition
- Above average upper body strength
- Sharp reflexes
- Flexible, able to hide in small places
- Skilled/trained in martial arts

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